Meet Dominik - Swiss Diamond Chef

Meet Dominik!

Name: Dominik Alder

Department: Product Testing/Recipe Development

Started at Swiss Diamond: March 2017



What brought you to Swiss Diamond?

“I have used Swiss Diamond in almost every kitchen I’ve ever worked in. I’m always striving for perfection – and I can’t do that without the best ingredients and the best in cookware. It’s a joy to cook on, whether I am cooking a family meal at home or trying out a new recipe at the Swiss Diamond offices, there simply isn’t a better line on the market.”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

“Spending time with my wife and girls, hiking, and enjoying nature. I was born and raised in Switzerland, and working for Swiss Diamond allows me to travel back home with my family often!”

What’s your favorite piece of Swiss Diamond Cookware?

“The Swiss Diamond Premium Clad Chef’s Pan is a delight to cook in and is extremely versatile. The durability on that pan can’t be matched, and the heat distribution and European craftsmanship really sets it apart.”