Meet Mary - Swiss Diamond Product Specialist

Meet Mary!

Mary works with Swiss Diamond’s team of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and executives to provide you with the ultimate Swiss Diamond experience! She knows Swiss Diamond’s cookware and kitchen accessories inside and out. Not only is she an expert in all things kitchenware, Mary has worked in customer service for over 20 years, and can explain the ins and outs of Swiss Diamond products in a manner that anyone can grasp. 

Name: Mary Smith

Department: Customer Service

Started at Swiss Diamond: May 2012



What brought you to Swiss Diamond?

“I began my career in the cookware industry, so taking a product specialist role with Swiss Diamond seemed like a natural progression.  I’ve always loved the quality of Swiss Diamond cookware, and I’ve admired the company culture. It may sound somewhat cheesy, but I love Swiss Diamond customers. You all tend to be the most curious, and the product questions are both insightful and challenging!”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

“Gardening, traveling, and whipping up one of Dominik’s recipes!” 

What’s your favorite piece of Swiss Diamond Cookware?

“Definitely any of the new XD products. If you’re a long-term Swiss Diamond customer, you will notice right away how impressive the new diamond-reinforced coating is. And if you’re new to Swiss Diamond, it only makes sense to start with the best! The engineers have truly outdone themselves with the new formula.”