10 Surprising Items You Can Wash in Your Dishwasher


By: Kayla Brown


While we don’t recommend washing your cookware in the dishwasher, there are still tons of incredible ways to get the most out of this underused kitchen appliance!


1. Dish Sponges and Dish Brushes

Run your dish brushes in the dishwasher weekly to prevent slimy bacteria filled brushes and sponges. Be sure to use the heat dry option to ensure cleanliness.


2. Pet Toys

This one seems obvious, yet many pet owners forget this simple trick! Place pet toys and bowls in the dishwasher and use nonabrasive dishwasher detergent to ensure clean toys for your furry friends. 


3. Baseball Caps

While caps can easily get bent in the washing machine, the dishwasher allows caps to get squeaky clean while sitting safely on the rack. Just be sure to wash them on their own without dishes, as food can get trapped in the cloth of the cap.


4. Garden Tools

Again, another obvious one – however most people easily forget this is an option. Run them separately from dishes, as they have probably come in contact with animals or possibly pesticides. Be sure that you only wash garden tools that DO NOT have wooden handles. Be sure to towel dry to prevent rusting. 


5. Potatoes

Though it sounds crazy, your fresh potatoes can get a great wash by placing them on the top rack and running the “rinse only” cycle. 


6. Sports guards and Knee Pads

Need to wash your kid’s mouth guards and shin guards but still have loads of dirty clothes taking up the laundry room? Toss these onto the top rack for a quick and superior wash. 


7. Golf Balls

Place your dirty golf balls in a mesh bag and place them on the bottom shelf. Viola! Fresh golf balls.


8. Contact Lens Cases

Did you know your contact cases should be thoroughly cleaned weekly? Place them in the silverware bin for a good sanitation.


9. Keys

Keys aren’t something that always comes to mind when you think of items that need a good cleaning. However, keys are often one of the dirtiest things we come in contact with on a daily basis. Plus, if you have babies, it doesn’t hurt to remove electronic keys off the ring, slide the key ring around a peg on the top rack and run a load to kill off those germs. 


10. Fingernail Clippers/Tweezers

When was the last time you sanitized your fingernail clippers? Place them in the silverware bin for a good cleaning and remember to towel dry well to prevent from rusting.



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