5 De-Stressing Tips for Busy Moms


By: Kayla Brown

If we were to ask you, “What did you do today to de-stress?” would you be able to answer? It’s easy to get caught up in the daily chaos of motherhood. But it is also just as important to relax and focus on your own well-being. We hope these 5 tips will work to boost your mood throughout the day!  



1. “Unplug” yourself


When you’re feeling stressed out, try to temporarily mute less important distractions like the television, radio and social media. “Unplug” by turning off these distractions for the day and allowing yourself to enjoy some alone time.


2. Plan a girls night out


Prioritize your down time by planning out a dinner once a month for you and a group of girlfriends. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – try out a new local restaurant and enjoy a good meal together away from the stressors of home!


3. Allow yourself a time-out


It’s okay for you to take some time to walk away and get back in control. Let your family know this and take five minutes to relax and breathe.


4. Meditation


Deep breathing, meditation and prayer have been proven to moderate and decrease stress. Inhale while slowly counting to five, and then exhale in the same way, counting to five. Repeat the sequence until you are at peace.


5. Seek support


Healthy relationships (outside of your husband, kids, and dog) help to reduce stress within our daily lives. Be sure to take the time to cultivate friendships with other moms and promise to keep the “mommy stress talk” to a minimum. Hold each other accountable for positive conversations that reduce your anxieties.



Did you enjoy these tips? Let us know how you relieve stress throughout the day!  

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