5 Fabulous Recipes for St. Patrick's Day 2018


By: Kayla Brown


We’ve dug up the most delicious; Irish-inspired St. Patrick’s Day recipes that will be so good, you’ll want to cook them year-round! Whether it’s a family meal or a St. Patrick’s Day party, your loved ones will enjoy a recipe worth raising a pint to.


Corned beef and cabbage

While this Irish-American dish is hardly eaten over in Ireland, it stay plays a huge role in how Americans enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re having a party or intimate dinner, this recipe is surely to be requested again. It’s comforting, hearty and flavorful, so it makes for a wonderful and rich meal.


Irish stout cupcakes

We know you were just itching for a chance to bake with an Irish stout beer – so we’ve got just the recipe for you! This decadent chocolate recipe provides your cupcakes with a rich malty flavor, without the “boozy” sting you may get from some American Imperial stouts. Top it off with the white chocolate buttercream frosting, and you have a cupcake no one can resist!



corned beef hash

Derived from the French verb hacher (to chop), corned beef hash has been on breakfast tables for decades, although it isn’t solely eaten for breakfast! Start your St. Patrick’s Day off right with a hearty breakfast that leaves everyone satisfied, or pair it with a green salad and dinner is served.



Irish coffee is a decadent treat that is extremely simple to make. Using a few fresh and bold ingredients, you’ll have a cocktail that is both warm and comforting.


homemade irish-american soda bread

Want an Irish-inspired snack to pair with your rich Irish coffee? This homemade soda bread recipe is sure to impress your friends and family – yet only needs about six ingredients that are commonly kept in most kitchens!  While it is suited for American taste buds, as it is a sweeter version, it’s not too sweet – and stays close to its Irish-inspired roots.




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