5 Great Recipes for National Herbs & Spices Day


By: Kayla Brown


Herbs and spices are essential for creating flavorful meals, and have many surprising health benefits. June 10th is National Herbs and Spices Day, so this week is the time to spruce up your garden and celebrate by trying out these 5 mouthwatering recipes! 


1. Flavors of the World Vegetable Soup

This vegan recipe is an easy and adaptable soup you can make all season long. We love this recipe because it gives you the chance to use different herbs each time, which totally changes the flavor profile each time you make it.  Delicious and rich of nutrients and flavor, this soup should be a staple recipe in every kitchen. 


2.  Herb-Roasted Game Hen with Garlic Tomatoes

With fresh garden herbs and tomatoes, this meal is sure to have you whipping out your roasting pan on even the hottest of days! Super moist and extremely flavorful, this Cornish game hen recipe is perfect for a warm night with good wine and good friends. 


3.  Elderflower Bundt Cake With Lime Glaze Frosting

Elderflower is the white or cream colored bloom of the Elder tree, found throughout Mexico, the United States, Europe and Asia. Considered one of the oldest herbs cultivated by man, it has many antioxidant benefits – helping to lower the risk of cancer, reduce cold and flu symptoms and much more. Elderflower syrup has a wonderful sweet taste with accents of grapefruit and honeysuckle, which is why this Bundt cake recipe was a must-have for this list. 


4.  Traditional Chicken Curry

Curry dishes vary from household to household all over the world, with many arguing over which recipe is the best. But that’s what makes curry so fun to cook – the ability to truly make the dish your own.  Though cooking Indian curry is a skill, our recipe is a deliciously solid start for those wanting to challenge themselves with a feisty, buttery and tangy dish! 


5.  Herb and Goat Cheese Frittata

Gluten-free and vegetarian, frittatas are the perfect way to enjoy a low-carb entrée at any time of the day! Simple and fast, this recipe can be easily customized using an array of fresh herbs and spices! 


Which recipe are you dying to try out? Be sure to like us on Facebook and let us know which recipe inspired you to used more herbs and spices! 


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