5 Items That Will Inspire Envy In Your Kitchen


By: Kayla Brown


We want you to find the products of your dreams. Not only is Swiss Diamond cookware known internationally for superior quality pieces, we’re also known for our revolutionary luxury designs and elegant collections including Swiss Diamond Nonstick Clad, Swiss Diamond Premium Clad and Swiss Diamond Cast Iron. Below are the top 5 most luxurious Swiss Diamond pieces that are not only functional, but will make your kitchen one of envy. 



Swiss Diamond Nonstick Clad Chef’s Pan with Lid

This versatile Nonstick Clad 12.5” Chef’s Pan allows you to sauté vegetables, fry meats, or steam mussels effortlessly. The flat bottom and wide mouth feature a unique design that allows liquid to evaporate more efficiently, cooking your food faster. Plus, it’s radiant design provides a dash of elegance to any kitchen.


Swiss Diamond Premium Clad Wok with Lid

Whether you stir-fry frequently or not, this Premium Clad Wok with Lid is one of the most versatile pieces in the collection. Great for braising, steaming and deep frying, this pan’s wide shape and durable 5 layer construction provides the perfect vessel for even heat distribution. 


Swiss Diamond Cast Iron Oval Casserole in Rubis Rouge

Designed for both home and professional chefs alike, the Swiss Diamond Cast Iron 5.6 Qt. Oval Casserole is perfect for meals like pork tenderloin or roasted chicken, while still retaining moisture and evenly distributing heat. Offered in Rubis Rouge or Saphir Bleu, this piece is designed to look stand out during any event or holiday meal.


Swiss Diamond Nonstick Double Burner Griddle

Your family and friends will be highly impressed with this Swiss Diamond Griddle when they see you whip up a delicious breakfast with only one piece to clean up afterwards. Swiss Diamond's Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle puts an end to that with its easy to clean state-of-the-art diamond nonstick coating. Plus, it doubles as a baking sheet for easy to remove baked goods. Durable and elegantly sleek, this piece is bar far one of the most versatile in the collection. 


Swiss Diamond Jet Mix Immersion Blender

With most immersion blenders, you can’t use the tool inside your cookware unless you’re looking to scratch your cookware surfaces. With this Swiss Diamond super power blender, the silicon protected blade guard enables you to mix food inside your Swiss Diamond cookware without scratches! It is perfect for all of your mixing needs and features an ergonomic handle for stability and control. 



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