5 Reasons to Use a Stir Fry Pan Instead of a Wok


By: Kayla Brown


Are you obsessed with making Asian-inspired dishes from the comfort of your home? Interested in purchasing a wok but aren’t sure how much use it’ll actually get in your kitchen? You’re not alone.  Many claim that a wok is necessary for good stir-fried foods. However, Swiss Diamond’s collection of EDGE Stir Fry Pan’s provide a wonderful base for cooking delicious stir-fry, without the hassle of a large wok. Below are 5 simple reasons for why you should use a stir-fry pan instead of a wok!



1. A Beginners Best Friend

If you are new to cooking with a wok, using a stir fry pan first can be a great way to ease into the technique. A heated wok can be very difficult to control if you are unfamiliar with how to adjust heat accordingly – which is something that comes along with practice. Using a stir-fry pan first will make it easier to use a wok for future dishes.



2. Easy Storage

We all love a great wok. But finding an effective way to store these larger pieces of cookware can be frustrating. Stir-fry pans allow you more cabinet space, while helping you still produce all of your favorite Asian-inspired recipes!



3. Easier to Adapt Recipes

While woks are one of our favorite kitchen tools, they aren’t always friendly on our favorite ingredient swaps. For example, tofu is a delicate meat alternative that is popular in many vegan, Asian-inspired recipes. While woks are great for traditional meats, the flat bottom of a stir-fry pan can provide an exceptional base for you to cook the tofu, without pieces breaking apart.



4. Easier to Clean

With Swiss Diamond, cleanup is a breeze. But a stir-fry pan makes it that much more of a convenient task. Simply wash out the pan with hot water and soap, and voilà! Even the stickiest of sauces wipe off with ease.



5. Versatility

If you’re looking to make more Asian-inspired dishes, but are unsure about how often you’ll actually use a wok – a stir-fry pan is the perfect option. While it requires some practice to create that smoky flavor of a stir-fried meal, you can also use this pan in replace of a traditional fry pan. The tall, curved sides protect against food spilling out of the pan and the perfectly flat base conduct heat evenly.




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