5 Things to Avoid When Cooking Meat on the Stove Top


By: Kayla Brown


There’s nothing better than a succulent piece of meat made on the stove top. Unfortunately, we often make mistakes when it comes to preparing our chicken, beef, pork and lamb. These avoidable mistakes tend to end with us frustrated over dry, overcooked, or undercooked pieces of meat. Here are five ways to ensure perfect meat, every time.




1. Cooking meat straight out of the fridge

Cooking meat straight from the fridge can lead to uneven cooking. Put your meat in a sealed bag and submerge it in a bowl of cool water, making sure to change out the water around every 30 minutes until thawed completely.



2. Rinsing the meat and immediately putting it in the pan

Be sure to blot the meat with a dry paper towel before searing – or even seasoning your meat. In order to brown your meat, you need to remove the surface moisture.



3. Crowding the meat

When you overcrowd the meat, you’re steaming it rather than sautéing. The meat may be cooking, but it won’t brown. Be sure to give your meat room – even if that means cooking in batches. It’ll be worth it in the end!



4. Constantly stirring the meat

By repeatedly stirring the meat around the pan, you aren’t going to achieve the browning that you desire. Let the pan do the work. Pre-heat the pan to the desired temperature and give each surface of meat enough contact with the hot pan.



5. Overworking the meat

Meats cook well when you work less and don’t press down on it. By overworking your meat you’re making it dry and tough. For example, when you press down on meat with a spatula, the moisture you’re removing will be squeezed out of the meat and get cooked onto the pan, rather than being absorbed by the meat.



We’ve all made these mistakes many times before, but we hope that these tips helped you out! Like us on Facebook and let us know which of these bad habits are the hardest to break! 

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