6 Crazy-Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing


By: Kayla Brown


Besides the obvious candles and air freshener spray, there are better and more natural ways to make our homes smell amazing. These 6 tips are simple and will definitely make your home smell incredibly great! 


1. Simmer Cinnamon


Place a few cinnamon sticks in a small pot of water on either your stove top or slow cooker if you’re uncomfortable with leaving a burner on when you’re not in the kitchen. Once your home smells wonderful, take it off the burner (or turn off the slow cooker) and place the sticks out to dry. You’ll be able to use them a couple more times before the sticks lose their scent completely.


2. Grind Citrus 


If you notice that your kitchen is particularly smelly, throw old lemon, lime, or orange peels down the drain and run the garbage disposal. You’ll notice an immediate change in odor!


3. Use dryer sheets outside of the dryer


Dryer sheets are perfect for not only keeping your clothes smelling good – but the rooms in your home as well! Place a couple of dryer sheets behind your air vents, in closets, dressers and laundry hampers to neutralize the air and keep it smelling fresh. Dryer sheets are also great to pack when you’re going on a trip to keep your luggage smelling great.


4. Lightbulb Trick


Try out this fun trick – get some vanilla extract from your pantry, and place a dab onto your lightbulbs while the light is turned off. When you turn the light on, the heat from the bulb will heat up the vanilla extract and produce an amazing smell.


5. Bring Nature Indoors


Not only do plants spruce up any room, but they are also natural air purifiers. Pinecones are also great for smelling up your home. Add a couple drops of scented essential oils to them for a truly noticeable difference.


6. Bake something!


Nothing smells better than freshly baked cookies! Sometimes, the best way to have a great smelling home – starts within the kitchen! 


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