8 Items You Should Never Buy From the Grocery Store


By: Kayla Brown


With the supermarkets of today, shopping at the grocery store can easily be a one-stop trip. But convenience can often be costly to our wallets.  So, we felt the need to share with you all a list of items you may want to re-consider purchasing at the grocery store!



  1. Tomato-based spaghetti sauces


This is probably the item scheme that everyone falls for. A jar of tomato-based pasta sauces runs around $2 to $7. But the amount for canned tomatoes is often much cheaper – typically sitting under $1. Most people season up their pasta sauce regardless of the sauce “flavor” (garlic, mushroom, meat flavored, etc.). You might as well make your own from canned or crushed tomatoes, and they generally taste fresher!


  1. Bottled Water


There are so many reasons why buying water is so unnecessary. (Buying water? Now how weird does that sound out loud?) Unless you live in an area where your tap water is contaminated, bottled water is not only a bad investment financially; it’s also bad for the environment. If you have a baby at home who needs to drink safe water or dislike the taste of tap water, buy the jugs of distilled/nursery water from discount stores. They’re normally much cheaper, and you can reuse the jugs for later!


  1. Out of season produce


Just because watermelon is on sale in December doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. When fruits and veggies are sold out of season, they are also in limited supply, making these items unbelievably pricey. And if you really want out of season fruits, opt for frozen since the items are flash-frozen at its peak ripeness.


  1. Spices


If you don’t mind putting spices in your own container, you can save tons by purchasing spices form a natural foods store. Grocery store spices are super expensive and barely go on sale.


  1. Exotic produce


Unless you’re at an ethnic grocery store, you won’t be receiving the freshest mangoes, papayas, starfruit or jackfruit. Because it is “exotic”, fewer people are actually buying it. Which means it ends up staying out longer than necessary. Plus, the less experience you have with the fruit means that you probably won’t be able to tell whether it’s gone bad. Be sure to get exotic fruits from specialty store that you can trust.


  1. Batteries


Wonder why batteries are always super expensive at the grocery store? It’s probably for the same reason you’re buying them from a grocery store: when people need batteries, they need them immediately. Rather than buying a pack of marked up batteries from the grocery store every couple of months, buy your batteries in bulk at a warehouse club like Costco.


  1. Cleaning products


You may not notice how much you’re spending on cleaning products, but when you compare those prices to how much it costs to simply make your own multipurpose cleaner with pantry staples like baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemon, you may change your mind fast. The best deals on cleaning supplies will be at warehouse stores!


  1. Pre-chopped produce


We know it seems super convenient to buy precut produce, but is it really worth the average 50% markup? For a task that takes 10 minutes or less, this expense seems extremely unnecessary.




Did any of items surprise you? Or is there anything you feel deserves to be on this list? Be sure to like us on Facebook and let us know what items you think aren’t worth the trip!

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