8 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Cool While You Work


By: Kayla Brown


Trying to cook in a hot and steamy kitchen can make an enjoyable task miserable. Here are 8 simple tips that will cool down your kitchen quickly!


1. Be sure your pan matches your burner


If you’re using a 7” fry pan on an 11” burner – you’re wasting energy and releasing more heat into the air.


2. Try out an induction stove top


Rather than using thermal energy to produce heat, induction stovetops use magnetic coils that generate heat directly to the pan. However, you will need to buy only induction cookware (luckily for you, Swiss Diamond has an entire Induction line with every pot or pan you could think of!)


3. Use your lids


Be sure to put a lid on the pan you’re using. Not only does it retain the heat, but it also helps your food cook faster.


4. Preheat the smart way


Instead of simply turning on your oven and letting it preheat for longer than is actually needed, keep track of how long it takes to actually preheat. That way, you know exactly what can be done within that time. Your oven should heat your food – not your kitchen!


5. Keep the oven closed


This seems like an easy one, but for the impatient home chefs out there, this can be a huge contributor to the high temperature of your kitchen. Constantly opening and closing the oven constantly releases heat into the room and prolongs your cooking time.


6. Run your dishwasher at the right time


Run your dishwasher at night, when the temperature of the house decreases overall. Also try letting your dishes air dry on a drying rack, rather than using the dishwasher at all.


7. Switch your bulbs


If you’re using incandescent lightbulbs and have a noticeably warm kitchen, the bulbs are probably the culprit. Switch them out for LEDs or CFLs, which provide a strong light and run much cooler than their incandescent counter parts.


8. Eat raw


Try to incorporate more raw and fresh dishes like salads, deli sandwiches, and fresh veggies on a daily basis. Meals like these don’t normally call for much oven or stove top use – which provides you with a cooler kitchen!



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