Artisan Ice Cream: The Treat Everyone Will Crave This Spring


By: Kayla Brown


Unlike their soft-serve counterparts, artisan ice cream makers dive deep into their craftsmanship to provide you with recipes that extend beyond your average 31 flavors. Just because it is still freezing in many places doesn’t mean we can’t dream about the up-in-coming warmer months. With spring just around the corner, and ice cream being a staple sunny day treat; it only makes sense to learn more about this fascinating trend.


With flavors ranging from mouthwateringly sweet (Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam, Bourbon Burnt Sugar and Caramel Pecan Apple Pie) to more deliciously daring recipes, (Habanero Pepper, Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper and even Tomato Water Olive Oil), you are sure to be in for a stimulating surprise. However, it’s not all about the flavors.


An ice cream scoop and a marble slab will seem underrated once you receive a cone that has been blended to perfection. Though it is more expensive – ranging from around $7 to $10 a pint – the experience seems to be worth the splurge.  Most artisan ice cream makers value locally grown ingredients, and may also offer gluten-free options. Additionally, it’s made in smaller batches and will be sold in a shorter amount of time. Meaning that by the time the cone makes it into your hands, it will be as fresh as possible.


With locations popping up all over the map, you are sure to find an artisan ice cream gem in a city near you. These shops are a simple way to venture out from more predictable treat options, and will definitely be a conversation starter. But, if after all of this you’re still weary of the bold flavor choices – fear not. Most artisan ice cream shops have perfectly crafted versions of chocolate and vanilla. 

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