Asian-Inspired Designs Give Consumers More Options


CHARLOTTE, NC – Swiss Diamond® introduces two innovative cookware pieces for home chefs across the globe – the Japanese Omelet Pan and EDGE Stir Fry Pan. The luxury cookware manufacturer produces a complete line of products suitable for use on standard and induction stove tops. Real diamond crystals in the patented nonstick coating provide superior performance, increasing both thermal conductivity and durability of the cookware. The newest additions to the Swiss Diamond® collection echo sleek and simple designs of the Eastern world, ideal for preparing flavorful and healthy Asian cuisine.

The Japanese Omelet Pan is unique in size and shape. Created for the specialty dish tamagoyaki, the pan is 5.1 inches by 7.1 inches with a cooking depth of 1.2 inches. Tamagoyaki, a Japanese rolled egg omelet, is commonly eaten in bento boxes or enjoyed as nigiri sushi. Swiss Diamond’s thick, cast aluminum construction heats the delicate egg layers quickly and evenly, and the diamond-reinforced coating ensures truly nonstick performance. The Swiss Diamond® tamagoyaki pan will never warp and offers an exceptionally long product usage lifespan.

Swiss Diamond’s EDGE Stir Fry Pan provides a vertical edge for easily tossing food. This roomy pan is 10.2 inches in diameter and holds up to 2.4 quarts of liquid. The perfectly flat base transfers heat efficiently while an ergonomically shaped handle increases usability for ease of maneuvering the pan on the stove top. All Swiss Diamond® cookware is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, PFOA-free and protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

In 2015, Swiss Diamond® is expanding the Asian-inspired collection with an 11.8 inch Wok and two new sizes of the EDGE Stir Fry Pan – 9.5 inch and 11 inch. In a recent survey of Swiss Diamond® cookware owners, 95 percent of respondents declared Swiss Diamond® cookware has lived up to their expectations. Additionally, Swiss Diamond® was named the top nonstick cookware by the leading U.S. consumer ratings organization. Swiss Diamond® is made exclusively in Switzerland utilizing an eco-friendly production process and available in more than 50 countries. Swiss Diamond® products can be found in luxury kitchenware stores, high-end department stores and select online retailers. For more information please visit

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