Beer and Food Pairings Sure to Make That Late Summer Event Perfect


Quick InteractionsWhen you think food pairings, chances are you think wine.  Don't worry; you’re not all alone in this thinking. For decades if you asked your server what to drink that would pair perfectly with your meal the sommelier would be tableside and the list peppered with $400 bottles of wine would be in your hand. 

In the past few years, chefs and even wine lovers have learned that beer has an amazing ability to pair with all types of foods.  Even the most experienced wine collectors are starting to admit that beer isn’t just for tailgating anymore. 

With the recent boom in the craft beer industry, our chefs have been putting our heads around the best beer and food combinations to highlight some of our great recipe items. Here’s a list of beer and food pairings that can help you plan your next dinner party, and who knows, you may even change the mind of your one friend that will only drink the finest wine.



Pale Ales and IPAs

IPAPair with: Salty Fried Foods, Indian Curries, Mexican Dishes, Smoked Meats, Ginger Spiced Desserts. 

Pale Ales and IPAs are some of the most popular beer styles out there.  These styles of beer are hop forward, containing anywhere from earthy to citrus flavors.  The malt profile usually contains just enough caramel to balance out the brashness potential of the hops. 

These beers don’t shy away from the flavor, so they tend to pair well with dishes of similar intensity. 

Recipes To Try:

Hotter than Hades Sloppy Joe's

Traditional Chicken Curry



Wheat Beer

Wheat BeerPair with: Light Soups and Salads, Sushi, Vegetarian Dishes, Light Seafood, Grilled Chicken, anything citrus.

These beers often drive a lot of their character from their yeast, meaning that wheat beers aren’t particularly sweet or bitter. Many examples you’ll find around will have a citrus flavor that will be carried throughout the beer. For the most part, wheat beers are highly effervescent, and most are light in flavor making them great summer beers.

When pairing foods with wheat beers keep in mind that the style is traditionally a lightly-flavored beer, so keeping the foods on the more delicate side will not overpower the beer.

Recipes To Try:

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Cream Sauce

Healthy Blackened Steak Salad  



Bock Beer

Pair with: Cajun Food, Jerk Chicken, Swiss Cheeses, Seared Seafood, Non-Grilled Beef Dishes.

This German style of beer is quickly becoming a brewers favorite around the world due to the low hop flavor. Bock is a style of beer that’s traditionally sweet, relatively strong (6.5% - 8%) with minimal hop profile.   This style of beer is amber in color and carries no detectable hops or fruitiness. 

Sweet is the most common flavor in the Bock family, so stay away from bitter foods as the combination may wash out the true flavor of the food and the beer.

Recipes To Try:

Gluten Free Shrimp Etouffee

Bourbon Glazed Salmon



Pilsner Beer

PilsnerPair with: Shellfish, Salads, Hamburgers, Tuna and Other High Fat Oily Fish, Steak, potato soup.

Pilsners are a medium bodied beer and are characterized by high carbonation and tangy hops. The traditional pilsner offers a pale golden hue with a rich aroma that results in a well-balanced “light” flavored beer.  This crisp beer finishes clean and isn’t overpowering.

Because Pilsners are traditionally full-flavored, you’ll find that they simply cannot be balanced by anything less than a dish of equally complex flavor notes.

Recipes To Try:

Singapore Chili Crab

The Beast Steak Burger



Porter Beer

PorterPorters are known to be black, opaque and deeply malty.  While they look like they are high in alcohol, they’re only about 5%. The bitterness of this beer is also nicely balanced against the sweetness and malt flavors.  This smooth dark ale will find a place in your BBQ accessory pack pretty quick.

You’ll find the roasted flavors to really come out when sampling a porter which is why we suggest foods with a hearty/smoky flavor.

Recipes To Try:

Mustard, Peppercorn & Herb Crusted Prime Rib

Fire Roasted 7-Bean Chili




Stout Beer

StoutPair with: Chocolate, Slow Cooked Meats, Smoked Foods, Barbecue, Sausages, Long aged Cheese.

Stouts are the “Big Bold” brother of the porter.  While still black in color, and deeply malty, the flavor changes to something of a dessert beer.  Typically higher ABV (8% - 12%) this style of beer would be related to the Port of the wine world.   Many people find that they either love or hate the stouts of today.

Big Bold flavors with notes of chocolate, vanilla, bourbon all being common.  The powerful flavors of this style of beer demands big or complementary flavored food.

Recipes To Try:

Bourbon Barrel Stout – Braised Short Ribs

Melt In Your Mouth Chocolate Raspberry Fry Pan Cheese Cake




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