Fried Halloumi: How To Do It Without Oil!


By: Kayla Brown

Good Chef Bad Chef shows that with Swiss Diamond, there's no need for oil to fry cheese. Halloumi, also sometimes called, "grilling cheese", originates from Cyprus and is a staple in Mediterranean cooking. It's not meant to be eaten plain, as it should be warmed to truly be enjoyed.


What Does it Taste Like?

Halloumi is an extremely unique type of cheese, and if a recipe calls for Halloumi, it isn't always the easiest to substitute. The Spruce explains that it is, "firm, salty and a bit rubbery" and is comparable to a thick feta (in terms of taste), with a smooth texture. 


In the video below, Good Chef Bad Chef shows you how to fry Halloumi cheese – and here’s the kicker – without oil! So what’s the real secret of frying Halloumi cheese with no oil? A Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick Pan.


Easy Fried Halloumi Without Any Oil – In 5 Easy Steps!





Watch the Video!




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