Helping Hands: Swiss Diamond and Japanese Cooking School Aid Earthquake Relief


By: Kayla Brown

2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

In April of 2016, a 7.0 earthquake struck Kyushu Island, which endured a 6.2 earthquake just two days prior. With approximately 50 people killed and hundreds injured, the twin attacks are the most devastating natural disaster Japan has seen since the tsunami in 2011. In Kumamoto, over 100,000 houses were destroyed, leaving approximately 1,000 without a home, without a job and without daily meals to feed their families.

Helping the survivors: From Mama's Kitchen

With a shortage of food for survivors, the owner of From Mama’s Kitchen, Yuko Hirotsuna, turned to her Swiss Diamond pans for assistance. A customer for over 6 years, Hirotsuna knew that the premium cookware line would allow her to make hearty meals with such scarce resources. After receiving a donation of fry pans and stock pots from Swiss Diamond, Hirotsuna is now able to take on the huge demand of hungry families. Numerous refugees gather in her home where she provides large nourishing meals on a daily basis. Hirotsuna found the true value of Swiss Diamond when she realized that she could make countless meals with very little heat and without using too much water.


Left: Yuko Hirotsuna, of From Mama's Kitchen cooking school in Kumamoto, Japan. Right: Hirotsuna teaches a cooking class. Photos courtesy of FROM MAMA’s KITCHEN Facebook 


Hirotsuna also found that with Swiss Diamond cookware, clean-up is a breeze. Because water is scarce, washing dishes is extremely difficult. With Swiss Diamond, clean-up is easy due to the nonstick coating. “The pans became clean very quickly, just by wiping with a wet cloth after cooking,” says Hirotsuna. “It really helped me not use too much water.” 

Left: Large quantites of  tasty fried eggs can be made quickly for refugees. Right:  Delicious seaweed and tuna boiled in miso soup. Photos courtesy of Yuko Hirotsuna. 


Swiss Diamond pancakes are a favorite amongst both the children and adults, along with staples such as miso soup and fried eggs. Thanks to Swiss Diamond, Mama’s Kitchen is regaining its energy and providing satisfying meals to numerous refugees. 


Here's How You Can Help!

Be sure to head to or to join Swiss Diamond in supporting the Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund! Your donation funds the survivors’ immediate need for food, clean water, medicine, hygiene supplies, shelter and long-term recovery assistance. 



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