How to Prepare the Perfect Stir-Fry


Who needs takeout when you have a Swiss Diamond wok and many of the ingredients already at home? Use these 5 tips for perfect stir-fry, all the time. 


1. Pick the Right Wok



Woks tend to produce the best stir-fry results, as the curved shape and round bottom ensures you lift all of the food at the bottom and toss it around easily. However, you can also use a deep frying pan or a stir-fry pan. As for whether you should use nonstick or stainless steel, when it comes to stir-frying, a stainless steel pan is perfect. It heats up evenly and quickly, and unlike nonstick pans you can heat up the pan quicker and at a higher temperature in order to sear the meat.



2. Prep All Ingredients Ahead of Time



Prepping and cooking a stir-fry all at once isn’t a good strategy for you or for the stir-fry. Once you begin to assemble the ingredients in the pan, you won’t have time to stop and prep other ingredients. Have all meats, vegetables and spices cut, chopped and measured beforehand.




3. Room Temperature Ingredients



Your ingredients shouldn’t be fresh out of the refrigerator. Chilled ingredients in an under-heated wok will leave you with soggy food. Be sure that your ingredients are at room temperature.



4. Pre-Cook Your Meats


This tip is especially important if you’re using a nonstick pan. Pre-cook the meat to ensure it’s done and tender. The meat should be approximately 80% done before adding it to the stir-fry.




5. Build Your Flavor As You Go


If you’re following a new stir-fry recipe, it’s perfectly fine to use less spice initially and build on that flavor as you go. Add in spices, taste test and continue on with your stir-fry journey!

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