How to Stop Onions from Making You Cry


By: Kayla Brown

It’s almost impossible to find a delicious, savory recipe that doesn’t include onions. This flavorful vegetable has some serious tear-inducing fumes. Onions produce a chemical called syn-propanethial-S-oxide that irritates the lachrymal glands in your eyes, resulting in tears. Use the 5 tips below to chop onions like a pro and ensure your kitchen is a tear-free zone!


Freeze Them

Probably the most effective way to chop onion without crying – this method is our favorite! Simply place the onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes before chopping.


Soak Them

For this method, trim and peel the onion and place it in a cold water bath for 15 minutes. However, – remember that this method may result in a diluted onion taste once you’re done. Check out the other 4 fool-proof methods that won’t sacrifice the flavor of the onion.


Break Out the Goggles

While clearly obvious, it still works. Use your goggles year-round with this onion chopping tip. Put on your goggles before chopping the onion, and remove when you’re all done.


Use an Immersion Blender/Food Processor

Roughly chop the onion and toss in the mini chopper of your Swiss Diamond immersion blender. The lid contains the fumes and plus you get the job done quickly!


Cut Under a Kitchen Vent/Fan

The fan blows the sulfuric air from the onion away from your eyes, making it easy to chop onions without crying! If you combine this method with freezing the onions, you won’t need to worry about crying while chopping onions every again!



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