My First Experience Using Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware


By: Kayla Brown


With so many cookware options, deciding which to use in your kitchen can be a difficult decision. Researching and reading reviews can definitely help with making the rather tough decision, but it’s not until you actually have the product in your kitchen, that you will get the opportunity to put any cookware to the test.

Recently, I was introduced to Swiss Diamond’s cookware and their nonstick technology. After my research, I learned that Swiss Diamond manufactures the highest quality nonstick cookware in the world using cast aluminum and a nonstick coating reinforced with real diamond crystals. I knew after learning about their technology that this was something I had to try!

This past weekend, I had the privilege to use my very own Swiss Diamond 11” Nonstick Frypan for the first time! After bringing the pan home, I noticed a difference right away. Compared to all of the cookware in my kitchen cabinets, Swiss Diamond’s ultra-sleek look and feel simply stands out from the rest. When holding the Swiss Diamond pan you get an instant sense that this is high quality cookware!

I also noticed an immediate difference when heating up the pan. The Swiss Diamond fry pan stayed hot without constantly adjusting my stovetop settings. The pan kept its temperature and I was impressed with how quickly my food cooked. I was also able to add my ingredients without being afraid that they would burn.

After using several pans in the past where my food stuck to it after leaving it in the pan for a few minutes, I decided to do a test of my own. I was simply impressed that after an hour of leaving my food in the pan, it slid right off leaving no wasted food or sticky mess to clean up. Swiss Diamond’s nonstick technology also allowed for easy cleanup with washing lasting only seconds.

If you’re looking for a pan that you can enjoy and really count on the high quality craftsmanship, Swiss Diamond cookware is definitely for you!  Swiss Diamond by far crushes the competition. I am so excited to replace all of my cookware with Swiss Diamond products.

Thank you Swiss Diamond! – Swiss Diamond Customer


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