Spice Up Your Life With a Visit to Savory Spice Shop in Charlotte, NC


By: Kayla Brown


Every now and then, a friend raves about some specialty shop that you must visit. You think about it, but never get around to it.


Thankfully, we did.


Located in the historic Atherton Mill and Market shopping complex, Savory Spice Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina has been spicing up the community. The owners, Amy and Scott MacCabe, have created a comfortable yet versatile environment – a cooking enthusiast’s fantasy. Savory Spice Shop carries over 400 fresh spices and handcrafted seasonings at amazing prices.


ABOVE: Savory Spice Shop South End/DIlworth Charlotte, NC

The MacCabe’s are local Charlotte residents that strive to provide a fun, inspiring, and educational environment for customers and employees – which is probably why this location has such great reviews. With a team that is personable and knowledgeable, you’re bound to find the secret ingredient of your dreams.


ABOVE: Owners, Amy and Scott MacCabe, of Savory Spice Shop South End/DIlworth Charlotte, NC

“All of us here (Savory Spice Shop of Charlotte) feed off of each other. Not just the employees, but the customers as well,” says assistant manager Abbey Cochran. “For example, we get a lot of customers coming in looking to make beef jerky. But every recipe and taste preference is different. I love seeing what each person brings to the table. There are so many ways to do things.”


Savory Spice Shop also offers specialty cooking products and gift sets that make the perfect present for any occasion. We absolutely fell in love with their summer grilling and barbeque display which features their Wranglin’ Rubs gift set, a collection of the shops best rubs. (We'll be giving away a Wranglin' Rubs gift set and one of our sizzilin' grill pans on Facebook for Father's Day! Click here to enter!)  Plus, they have more to offer than just spices. Savory Spice Shop sells sauces, spice ware, teas and much more – we found ourselves roaming the floor, looking at a variety of items and daydreaming about all of the possible recipes.


ABOVE: The new summer grilling and BBQ display at Savory Spice Shop South End/DIlworth Charlotte, NC

To top it off, the spices sold at Savory Spice Shop are ground fresh in weekly batches, so you’re getting the freshest product possible. If you happen to be in the Charlotte area, spice up your life and stop by Savory Spice Shop in Charlotte. Be sure to like Savory Spice Shop of Charlotte on Facebook to stay updated on promotions, recipes and new items!


Looking to find a Savory Spice Shop near you?

Click here to find high quality seasonings and spices in your area. If there is no location near you, fear not! Visit www.savoryspiceshop.com to shop online and receive premium spices wherever you are! 



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