Spring Cleaning: Pantry!


This spring as the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer, there are going to be many reasons not to get that spring cleaning done.  For example you have the exciting farmer’s market with all the fresh harvest of the spring, and the grill is so much more inviting when the weather warms up, but before giving into all that, take some time to create a neat and tidy pantry. You'll thank us later, I promise!

1. Put all like items together: While this sounds super simple, I bet if you take a peek into your pantry, you are not only breaking this rule, but you can’t figure out your current logic.  I’ll admit it becomes really tough in some instances I mean flours / grains / nuts / chocolate (how’d that get in there) all seem to run together, but to find certain ingredients the more you have categorized, the easier it will be. Divide and conquer!

2. The more you use it, the closer to the front it needs to be: Keep items that you use frequently at easy reach and push less common things towards the back.

3. Use Food-Grade Airtight Containers: I can’t stress this enough.  Not only do they look nicer and more uniform, but your dried goods will remain fresh for a longer period of time. Win, win!

4. Label, label, label:  Most of the things are in my pantry are bulk spices and dried goods.  Not only can I get them a bit cheaper, but I can also get them much fresher, and I can control the amount I bring into my house. There is however a downside to this, if you're not organized. Just think little bags of unmarked grains. Soon, if you're anything like me, you're staring down a bag wondering if it's farro or wheat berries and cursing your laziness. So do yourself a favor and get a sharpie and some masking tape.

5. Keep track: This spring, get a dry erase board and hang it in your pantry. This will help you stay in the know with what you're almost out of and what's starting to reach its expiration date. This way you'll remember to pick it up while you're at the store instead of reaching for an empty bottle when you're in the middle of a recipe.

Happy Spring!  Remember, a little cleaning will go a long way when it comes to your pantry!


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