Swiss Diamond Customer Satisfaction Rating 95 Percent


In a recent survey of Swiss Diamond cookware owners, 78 percent of respondents declared Swiss Diamond cookware has “absolutely” lived up to their expectations. An additional 17 percent said it “mostly” lived up to their expectations, for a positive approval rating of 95 percent. Zero respondents said the cookware “definitely did not” live up to their expectations.

According to the survey, 99 percent of respondents would choose Swiss Diamond cookware again; in fact, 73 percent have already purchased or received additional pieces.

Respondents were also asked what characteristics led them to initially select Swiss Diamond cookware, as well as if they would choose Swiss Diamond again and for what reason. Respondents chose from the following attributes: award-winning, eco-friendly, healthy, high-quality, long lasting, and luxurious.

The majority of respondents originally chose Swiss Diamond because it was high quality (75 percent) and even more respondents would choose Swiss Diamond now for that reason (78 percent). Combined, the high quality and long lasting aspects of Swiss Diamond cookware make up 84 percent of the reason respondents originally chose Swiss Diamond, and 89 percent of the reason they would choose Swiss Diamond now.

“Healthy” was the second most popular reason respondents originally chose Swiss Diamond, at 10 percent, and the third most popular reason they would choose Swiss Diamond now, at 8 percent, behind high-quality and long lasting.

Survey respondents were asked to explain their approval rating. Responses included:

“The frying pan has lived up to the high quality expectations; I used it almost on a daily basis for the past 4 years.” “[Swiss Diamond cookware] needs little fat, is durable, flexible (oven and cooktop), and maintains the non-stick finish for a long time.”

“I am a vegetarian, environmental activist, and humanitarian, and I prefer to purchase high quality products made by companies [like Swiss Diamond] that embody these values.”

“We have bought many brands of cookware, everything from mid-range brands to very expensive (more than Swiss Diamond). Nothing has held up like Swiss Diamond does!”

“We recently changed from electric cooking to induction. We purchased single pieces from various companies; Swiss Diamond outperforms them all in our opinion. We have subsequently bought more Swiss Diamond!”

Swiss Diamond Cookware Long Lasting

*Consumer satisfaction survey conducted by Swiss Gourmet USA in April 2014.

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