Swiss Diamond Featured in WIRED Magazine’s “Best of Everything”


In June, Swiss Diamond was proud to be featured as one of 68 products that WIRED Magazine (UK Edition) editors can’t live without.

“[It] is now easier than ever to create something and bring it to market,” said Jeremy White, product editor at Wired Magazine, UK Edition. “So the need to evaluate quality has never been more important. Here at Wired, we see the best– and the worst — of industrial design.”

White continued, “We know how important it is to choose products that you’ll end up loving as well as using. That’s why we [compiled] our definitive list of Wired’s must-haves… If you are going to choose one tablet keyboard, or pair of jeans, [or frying pan], it had better be the best.”

The Wired team said of Swiss Diamond’s 12.5” (32 cm) fry pan, “#22. Swiss Diamond Fry Pan: Designed for cooking without fat, this 32cm pan has a diamond-reinforced coating that sears but prevents sticking.”

Swiss Diamond is proud to produce the highest quality nonstick cookware from our factory in Sierre, Switzerland.

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