Swiss Diamond Named Official Cookware of A Spicy Perspective


In July 2014, Swiss Diamond was selected as the official cookware of A Spicy Perspective. The recipe blog, launched in 2010, features a mix of global fare, easy-gourmet dishes, healthy options, and “good ol’ American comfort food,” according to founder Summer Collier. Her goal with the blog is to “inspire kitchen confidence,” assisted by kitchenware brands “that are committed to: excellence, functionality [and] durability.”

Collier recognized that Swiss Diamond lived up to her high standards. “We’ve always tried to be very selective with the companies we work with and share,” said Collier. “If we don’t really like and use a product, you will not find it on A Spicy Perspective… Truth be told, we had nearly given up on nonstick cookware altogether, when we first discovered Swiss Diamond. We had gone through pan after pan, brand after brand, not impressed by any of them.”

A Spicy PerspectiveCollier was finally won over by Swiss Diamond. “[The] diamond cut non-stick surface is not only safe and healthy to use, it actually works consistently!” said Collier. “I can scramble eggs in my skillet with no butter or oil and they slide right out. I can make a sticky candy in a Swiss Diamond sauce pot that doesn’t stick to the sides. The clean up is effortless because there is literally nothing left in the pan!”

Collier continues, “[Since discovering Swiss Diamond,] we’ve told numerous close friends that they must have a Swiss Diamond skillet. Nothing else compares.” Swiss Diamond cookware is manufactured exclusively in Sierre, Switzerland and reinforced with real diamond crystals which add longevity, superior heat conduction and intrinsic nonstick properties to the patented coating.

Swiss Diamond is committed to enabling families around the world to prepare meals at home for better health, without sacrificing the convenience of safe, high-quality nonstick cookware. Collier has used Swiss Diamond products to prepare dishes ranging from Honey Orange Roasted Chicken to an Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata.

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