Swiss Diamond Offers Savings Through Deluxe Cookware Sets


This month Swiss Diamond unveiled three deluxe cookware sets, ideal investments for a lifetime of preparing flavorful and healthy meals. The luxury cookware manufacturer produces a complete line of products suitable for use on standard and induction stove tops. Real diamond crystals in the patented nonstick coating provide superior performance, increasing both thermal conductivity and durability of the cookware.

The 14-Piece Classic Set is perfect for individuals seeking a lavish kitchen overhaul. The set is priced at $999.95 and contains two fry pans, two covered saucepans, two covered sauté pans, covered stock pot, grill pan and double-burner griddle pan. Purchasing these items bundled allows customers to save $325 on cookware costs. Swiss Diamond’s thick, cast aluminum construction heats even the most delicate ingredients quickly and evenly, and the diamond-reinforced coating ensures truly nonstick performance. Swiss Diamond cookware will never warp and offers an exceptionally long product usage lifespan.

Created for true cooking connoisseurs, Swiss Diamond’s 22-Piece Estate Set is packed with top-selling items. For $1,499.95, customers receive a covered fry pan, covered saucepan, covered sauté pan, covered soup pot and covered sauteuse, along with a fry pan, roasting pan, wok, crepe pan, double-burner griddle pan, felt pot protectors and a five-piece tool set. The Estate Set provides savings comparable to the Classic Set. Swiss Diamond’s perfectly flat base transfers heat efficiently while ergonomically shaped handles increase usability for ease of maneuvering pans on the stove top.

The luxurious 27-Piece Suite Set is a must-have for expert entertainers. Overflowing with all the kitchen essentals, the set is priced at $1,999.95 and provides everything in the Estate Set along with an additional fry pan, sauté pan, saucepan, stock pot and braiser. Customers are able to save over $700 purchasing the items bundled. All Swiss Diamond cookware is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, PFOA-free and protected with a limited lifetime warranty.

Sales of Swiss Diamond sets increased 52% in 2015, guiding the cookware manufacturer to create more options for consumers. Just one year ago only 17 configurations were available, in comparison to the current selection of 32. “We have experienced particularly high demand for large sets, those with eight pieces or more,” says RJ Manoni, Swiss Diamond’s eCommerce Director. “To meet this need we unveiled the deluxe sets, which provide virtually every product consumers need to stock a complete kitchen.”

About Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond is a luxury cookware and kitchenware manufacturer headquartered in Sierre, Switzerland. The company is committed to meeting consumer needs by using safe, high-quality materials, by emphasizing innovative design with traditional European craftsmanship and by adhering to an eco-friendly production process. The cookware is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, PFOA-free and protected with a limited lifetime warranty. Swiss Diamond products can be found in luxury kitchenware stores, high-end department stores and select online retailers around the world. For more information please visit

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