Swiss Diamond Specialty Pans: What They Are and How to Use Them


By: Kayla Brown


When it comes to fry pans, saucepans, dutch ovens and stock pots, we’re experts. But for some of us, these specialty pans may not be as familiar. Though these pans may not be in your kitchen currently, you may want to start making room. Because once you learn how convenient and versatile some can be, you’ll be incorporating them into your weekly cooking routine immediately!


Japanese Omelet Pan


The innovative Japanese Omelet Pan (Makiyakinabe) is designed for tamagoyaki, a Japanese rolled egg omelet commonly eaten in bento boxes or as a topping for nigiri sushi.


Tamagoyaki, which translates as ‘fried eggs’, is made by rolling together several thin layers of egg in a rectangle shaped pan.  And as one of the easiest and most versatile side dishes, tamagoyaki is packed with protein and is served around the word. In Japan, the strength of a kitchen is based off of the quality of its tamagoyaki.


Our Swiss Diamond Japanese Omelet Pan is made with a thick, cast aluminum construction that cooks the egg layers quickly and evenly. Our unique diamond reinforced coating ensures truly nonstick performance, which makes for the perfect tamagoyaki.


Plett Pan (Swedish Pancake Pan)

Created for Swedish Pancakes, the Swiss Diamond Plett Pan is also ideal for perfectly round eggs, silver dollar pancakes, hamburger sliders, and any other round dish you can think of!


This Plett Pan is also ideal for dorms, apartments, and bachelor pads: heat up two halves of an English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and cook an egg - all in one pan!


No sticking, no burning. You don't even need butter or oil. What could get better than that?


Double-Burner Griddle

If you’re a Swiss Diamond fan, you’ve probably heard us mention our double burner griddle on more than one occasion. As one of the most versatile pans Swiss Diamond pans, this Double Burner Griddle allows you more room to cook your favorites from breakfast, lunch or dinner without the hassle of an electric griddle.


Oven safe for up to 500F, your Double-Burner Griddle can also be used as a baking sheet for drop biscuits or sugar cookies. They will slide right off beautifully rather than sticking to your pan. No aluminum foil necessary.


Oval Fish Pan

Are you searching for the perfect pan to cook mouth-watering fish fillets? Look no further – this pan is the ideal size and shape for your favorite seafood recipes, but also great for pork chops and other main dishes.


To achieve the perfect pan roasted fish, simply place the fillet in the pan, skin side down over medium heat. Let your fillet sizzle until the fish is golden brown and caramelized around the edges, and voilà!


Crepe Pan

This Crepe Pan makes it easy to create not only crepes but tasty pancakes, omelets, and more! Plus, the Swiss Diamond patented design earned our Crepe Pan a finalist position in the Housewares Design Awards.


So what all can you make in this sleek, nonstick pan? Delicate treats and unlimited crepe possibilities. The wonderful thing about crepes is that they are customizable for every taste bud.


To create a sweet treat, heat your Crepe Pan over medium heat. Scoop your batter onto the pan evenly and let it cook for two minutes, or until the bottom is light brown. Toss in fresh strawberries, drizzle with dark chocolate, and top with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.


Edge Stir-Fry Pan

This pan is spacious enough for family portions, without taking up all the room of a full-size wok. Designed with a vertical edge, this pan makes it easy to toss food without mess.


Any recipe that you would typically make in a wok can be made in this pan as well. That means your family can enjoy chicken and broccoli stir fry, lo mein, and take out style kung pao chicken from the comfort of your own home.


Square Grill Pan

Probably one of most popular specialty pans, the Swiss Diamond Nonstick Square Grill Pan brings the luxury of outdoor grilling into your own home! Even for those who own a grill, this pan is still extremely useful. When the summer is over and the colder months start rolling in, you can enjoy grilled pizzas, vegetables, meats, and more.



The state-of-the-art nonstick coating makes clean-up quick and easy; simply use hot water and soap, and even burned-on food particles are removed in just a few wipes.



We hope you learned a little more about each of these extraordinary Swiss Diamond pans! Be sure to like us on Facebook and let us know which one you're dying to try! 



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