The Top 7 Most Versatile Pieces of Cookware


By: Kayla Brown


Here are the top 7 multipurpose pots and pans that Swiss Diamond chefs turn to on a daily basis. These reliable pieces of cookware will get you through a breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert of any kind. 



1. Nonstick Skillet

A must have for kitchens big and small, a non-stick skillet can be used daily. The rounded walls and flat bottom make it perfect for frying, sautéing or browning almost any type of meats or veggies.

     Use it For: Scrambling eggs, baking desserts, frying, searing, browning and more. 


2. Sauté Pan

Sauté pans are extremely versatile pieces, doubling as a wok for stir-fry dishes or a fry pan if needed. Due to its wide and flat bottom, there is enough room in the pan to sauté meats without them getting too soggy from overcrowding.

     Use it For: Sautéing steaks, chicken, fish, vegetables and more.


3. Baking Sheets/Sheet Pans

Though you can find baking sheets for cheap anywhere, paying a little more will be worth the money. Inexpensive baking sheets tend to be flimsy, are much harder to clean and result in burnt bottoms.

     Use it For: The obvious baked goods such as cookies and sponge cakes, and conveniently delicious      roasted vegetables or sheet dinners. 


4. Stock Pot

Every household needs to have a large stock pot in the kitchen. Investing in a high quality stock pot will bring you years of soups, seafood and sauces. This multipurpose piece is perfect for entertaining large groups or family members, making it a holiday must have. 

     Use it For: Big batches of soups and stews, to boiling large amounts of pasta, to boiling a ham.


5. Grill Pan

Looking to grill your foods conveniently all year round? Grill pans are essential because they add versatility to even the smallest of kitchens. These pans are excellent at mimicking char and the smoky flavors of an outdoor grill.

     Use it For: Steaks, fish, pork chops, vegetables, pizzas, panini’s and more. 


6. Casserole Dish

This one may be a bit obvious, but casseroles are classic dishes that provide us with ultimate comfort. While they aren’t great for one-person dinners, they are great for large families and storing leftovers. Meats also cook well in casserole dishes.  Not only is it versatile, but a casserole dish will heat food evenly and keep meals warm for extended amounts of time.

     Use it For: Casseroles, braising meats, and desserts like cobblers and puddings.


7. Saucepan

This is the perfect all-around pan. In pretty much any size, this pan is essential for any kitchen. Most of us have one due to their arrangement of sizes and easy storage. 

      Use it For: Rice, pasta sauces, re-heating soups, heating liquids and more.



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