Top 10 Items You Need on Your Wedding Registry


By: Kayla Brown


Many couples load their registry with items they believe they’ll need to start their life together. With the help of family, friends, professionals and the internet, couples come up with a list they hope is worthwhile.


But the key to a great wedding registry is the perfect balance of registering for items you want and registering for items you know you’ll use often – and only the two of you can decide that. Right now you may dream about throwing elaborate dinner parties with expensive China, but if you aren’t doing much entertaining before you’re the wedding, chances are that won’t change much afterwards.



Home/Cleaning Appliances

Bathroom accessories, irons, steamers and vacuum cleaners aren’t exactly the most exciting gifts – but they’re definitely the most useful.  These items are much more practical than say, a panini press that’s only used a handful of times and just takes up space in the cabinet.  


Plain Dishware

Everyone dreams of acquiring China for the day that you start hosting holiday dinners. For some, fine china can be a meaningful investment they’ll use for a lifetime. But for others, china just takes up space, is extremely delicate and can become more of a hassle than a luxury.


If you are adamant on including china to your registry, just be sure to also include a sturdy, every-day dining set. If you and your spouse can’t agree on colors or patterns, choose white. Though it may seem boring now, white is timeless and will be with you longer than the gold chevron plates you’re currently fixated on. Register for a solid colored dining set that can survive moving vans, children and whatever other plate destructors life throws at you.  


Linens and Towels

It’s really easy for sheets to slip to the back of your mind. But you’ll need sets for your room, guest rooms, and extras for laundry day. And towels? Well, you can never have enough. An abundance of good quality towels is needed for every household, big or small.


Seasonal Gifts

Just because you’re creating the registry in the dead of winter, doesn’t mean that the spring isn’t right around the corner. Remember to register for all seasons. If you’re picking pieces in December, take into account that patio furniture, grills, barbeque tools and lawn equipment may come in handy during the warmer months.


Luggage Set

Not only will luggage come in handy for your honeymoon, but you’ll appreciate having it when you need to visit family or travel for work. Luggage sets are long-lasting gifts that you may not buy for yourself, but you’ll definitely be grateful for.


Knives and Cutlery

Cutlery is not a part of the kitchen that you want to forget about. A set of properly cared for, quality knives will last you a lifetime. A good chef’s knife, serrated knife and paring knife are essential.  Try registering the knives separately for a more personal collection, or register a complete set to ensure you’ll have every piece you need.


Mixing Bowls with Lids

Many young couples are surprised by how many pieces of cookware they have and how few bowls to they have to prepare their ingredients in. Look for a sturdy, solid-colored (or glass) set that will last for years, rather than flimsy plastic containers that will stain quickly and only last a couple of months.


Mini Food Processor/Immersion Blender

A large food processor may seem like a necessity now, but a mini food processor or immersion blender will definitely prove its worth. Unless you are an avid cook who entertains often, a large food processor may be unnecessary for a two-person household. Register for a smaller processor, see how often you use it and replace with a larger one later down the line.



Contributing to a honeymoon has becoming increasingly popular throughout the years and brings something a bit more gratifying to your registry. With the help of sites like, your family and friends can gift you spa treatments, romantic dinners, safari adventures, helicopter rides and more. So you can expect tears of joy when they read about those memories in your heart-felt thank you cards.


High Quality Cookware

It wouldn’t be possible to mention a list of items you must have on your registry without including a premium cookware set. A newlywed couple will definitely need exceptional cookware to start their new life together. Swiss Diamond pans will last you for many years and provide superb meals that are easy to clean. Choose from a pre-packaged set or piece together items that you and your spouse will use the most.



Below are a few popular stores with registries broad enough to find everything on this list and Swiss Diamond:



Bed Bath and Beyond


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