Top 5 Cooking Trends Revealed at International Home + Housewares Show


By: Kayla Brown

The International Home and Housewares Show annually allows companies from all over the world to display new additions to the versatile world of cookware, home décor, kitchen tools, appliances and much more. As Swiss Diamond worked to exhibit our products, we also enjoyed discovering the latest industry trends.

Here are the trends we noticed at this year’s show:

1. Entertaining at Home is Still Hot

People are still cooking for groups, and everyone is constantly on the hunt for the best and most effective tools to do so. Though functionality is a must, design seems to be playing a primary role in kitchen products.

2. Design is on Top

With entertaining guests remaining a top priority, cookware and appliances transform from ordinary basics, to home décor statement pieces. Not only should the product be high quality, but it should also work as an accent piece in the kitchen. 

3. Wine and Barware Continue to Grow

Who needs to go to a bar when a machine can make your favorite cocktail at home! At least that’s the expectation after the Bartesian was demonstrated and displayed. Described as the Keurig for cocktails, this machine offers alcoholic drinks by mixing spirits you provide with special flavoring packs.

4. Bowls Become Tabletop Staples

The popular “one-bowl meal” cooking trend features dishes like Asian style noodles or quinoa mixed with vegetables, which has paved the way for a wide assortment of bowls being released as tabletop kitchen staples. Many companies have introduced bowls varying in wood, metal and ceramic finishes.

5. Small Gadgets Make a Big Impression

This year, the convention was packed with small appliances of every shape, color, and function. From air purifiers that link to your smartphone to miniature coffee grinder’s and machines, smaller sized gadgets seem to be taking over due to the increase of millennials with big appetites and tiny apartments. 

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