Why You Should Be Spiralizing Your Vegetables


By: Kayla Brown


Spiralizing veggies is nothing new; we've used a julienne peeler to slice vegetables into ribbon-like noodles long before spiralizer's were invented. But recently, spiralizer’s have become the new 'it' kitchen appliance for those looking to achieve beautiful spirals with ease. Spiralizing, or the art of turning fruits and vegetables into noodles, has become the trend everyone is dying to try. We all love a great pasta dish, but if you’re looking to cut back on all the carbs that unfortunately come with your spaghetti, a spiralizer may be your new favorite appliance. 


When it comes to spiralizing, zucchini and squash are normally the first options that come to mind. Seeing as though one serving size of spaghetti is around 230 calories while one serving of spiralized zucchini is only around 42 calories, it makes sense why these choices seem to be the most popular. But there are many fruits and vegetables that can be perfect for spiraling as well. Carrots, cucumbers, apples, sweet potatoes, onions, and pears are excellent options that you may already have in your kitchen. Other possibilities include beets, kohlrabi, plantains, radishes, and turnips. 


Spiralizing is an easy way to sneak more veggies into your diet, without sacrificing flavor or creative meal options. This process can be useful for those who may have autoimmune diseases or those who are committed to a Paleo, vegan, or vegetarian lifestyle. By incorporating spiralized vegetables into your diet, you are also more likely to shop at your local farmers market. Not only are you supporting your local community, but you are shopping and eating what is seasonally available. Many fruits and vegetables in-store are sold during the off season, resulting in smaller sizes that are more difficult to spiralize. We'll be interested to see how long this fad will last, but this trend is definitely worth trying out. By spiralizing you are supporting your local farmers, eating healthier and making more fun and creative dishes in the kitchen. 

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