Your Baking Sheet Isn’t Going Anywhere


By: Kayla Brown

With the popularity of cookware appliances it’s reasonable to believe that gadgets are taking over. However, it may surprise you to know that classic cookware such as broilers and baking sheets are gaining popularity as well. Sheet-pan dinners, or cooking an entire meal on one baking sheet, are quickly becoming a widespread option for preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


If you’ve been using your baking sheet solely for cookies or the occasional roasted vegetables, you are seriously undermining its multitasking powers. From roasted garlic shrimp and honey glazed salmon, to spicy Italian sausage and savory pork chops, you have your pick of almost any recipe. Just think of sheet-pan dinners as the equivalent of a slow cooker, but for those who prefer roasted and broiled meals.


Now if you find yourself reading this and thinking, “I already make good use of my baking sheets!” then it’s time for you to take it to the next level. Double burner griddles will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen if you are already an avid baking sheet user. It allows you to cook meals on the stove-top across two burners, making it the perfect breakfast essential. Pancakes, eggs, hash browns and more can all be cooked at one time, on one piece of cookware. And if you’re looking to make your life that much easier, look into getting a double burner griddle that is nonstick to ensure an easier clean. Oven safe up to 500 °F, the Swiss Diamond Nonstick Double Burner Griddle is made from cast aluminum that spreads heat evenly over the entire pan.


It only makes sense to invest in a baking pan that you know will always be used, rather than a fruit slicer that will be around until a more effective way to slice fruit emerges. In a world where gadgets and tools aren’t going anywhere, it’s nice to know that your baking sheet isn’t either! As long as convenience and consistency remain values in the kitchen, our “old-school” appliances will remain on top. 

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