Jêt Mix immersion blender - Cream & Red



Also available in Black  -  The Swiss Diamond super power blender is perfect for all of your mixing needs! This one comes in classic red and cream color scheme. The silicon protected blade guard enables you to mix food inside your Swiss Diamond cookware without scratches! Features include an ergonomic handle for stability and control, one finger operational trigger, and varying speeds up to 14,000 RPMs. With five interchangeable attachments, this is the solution to your fast and powerful mixing needs! 

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Swiss Diamond Jêt Mix Features

  • Height:40cm (16")
  • Diameter: 5cm (2") (At the handle)
  • Weight:  .86kg (1.9lbs)
  • Variable speeds offer superior control - the more you pull the trigger, the more power you get!
  • Ergonomic grip for your comfort
  • Super high power! 600W, 14,000/8,000RPM
  • Silicon protected base for immersion in your cookware
  • Available in Red & Cream or Matte Black

Swiss Diamond Jêt Mix accessories

  • Mincer- Minces, chops, purees and mixes heavy ingredients
    • Ideal for fruits, vegetables, baby food, cooked meat, sauces, batters, soups and smoothies, nut butters
  • Multi-purpose blade - Minces, chops, purees and mixes
    • Ideal for fruits, vegetables, baby food, sauces, soups and smoothies
  • Whisk - Stirs and mixes for a thick or creamy consistency
    • Ideal for cocktails, dressings, protein shakes, marinades, creams, dips and mayonnaise
  • Beater - Beats, foams, aerates and whips for a light and fluffy texture
    • Ideal for eggs, cream, milk, soups, smoothies and sauces
  • Mini Chopper
    • Ideal for larger quantities of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dressings.

Easy to use, easy to clean. Love the five different attachments.

Liz M.

Easy to use, easy to clean. Love the five different attachments.

Liz M.

Finally an arthritis-friendly, hand-blender. Comfortable to hold with a one finger trigger that engages the motor.


I love the convenience of this hand-blender. It’s everything you need. Wonderful!


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