5 Piece Swiss Diamond Kitchen Tool Set



NO MORE MESS! Swiss Diamond kitchen tools are designed with a raised head and balanced stand to keep them from touching the countertop. Reinforced silicone handles withstand temperatures up to 480°F (250°C). Dishwasher safe.

Set contains 5 items: a turner to easily lift and turn food, with a serrated side to cut delicate items; a batter spatula with a flexible curved head, making it simple to remove every drop of batter from the bowl, or lift left-overs in one piece; a pair of tongs featuring a notched handle to perch on the side of the pot while you're cooking, and a slotted head to quickly drain excess liquid; a ladle with a deep conical bowl designed to get the last drop of liquid, and flared spouts on each side to make pouring easy; and a skimmer, whose shallow design makes skimming the bottom of the pot simple, while the wide spoon catches large pieces with ease.

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Swiss Diamond's tool set contains all of our utensils and are designed specifically for use with our legendary cookware. Protect your purchase by using the tools made for the trade.

  • Item #: SDTSET02
  • Included: Spatula, Tongs, Ladle, Skimmer, & turner
  • Temperature Resistant: Up to 480°F (250°C)
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
  • Made in China

Not real satisfied with this tool set. They are mostly unusable for me. They are heavy and are hard to use. They are pot friendly, but I use a lot of spoon/spatulas all the time. I do like the spatula, the only tool I put in my holder on the counter. The ladle and strainer are something I use infrequently and are in the drawer. Not too sure about the tongs. Can't figure out a use for them!!


After my first experience with a 12.5 inch Swiss Diamond pan I decided to get another 12.5 pan. My wife likes to use a small pan for making eggs for breakfast so I also was going to order the 8 inch pan. While browsing on the Swiss Diamond website I saw the kitchen tools. I thought that they were kind of expensive but I sort of like things in the kitchen to match when possible so I ordered a set despite the relatively high price. First thing that I noticed after I got them was that the tools are designed so that you can set them on the counter so that only the handle (and not the part that touches the frying pan or your food) will not touch the counter. That is so cool. The next morning my wife announced that the edge of spatula is curved at exactly the same rate as the inside of the 8 inch frying pan so that it makes it easier to get an egg out of the pan easier. Most of the time you could just slide (pour) all the contents out of the pan if it was all done at the same time but if you have something else you want to leave cooking in the frying pan, like a another egg or some bacon, the shape of the spatula makes it easy get the egg out with no danger of breaking the yolk while leaving the rest of the contents in the pan. The spatula also works great on the larger pans as well. I do not normally take the time to write reviews but Swiss Diamond products are really pretty great, nonetheless I am hoping that the folks at Swiss Diamond will send me a complementary Swiss Diamond hat or apron or something, Yes? No? I will check my mail box in about a week! L.O.L.

Joe Breidenbach

I think the utensils are great, except for the tongs, I feel they are a little flimsy for meats. I think it would be fun if they added the emblem of the Swiss flag on them. I am disappointed to learn they are made in China and not Switzerland.


I think the utensils are great, except for the tongs, I feel they are a little flimsy for meats. I think it would be fun if they added the emblem of the Swiss flag on them.



suni nelson

easy to use, easy to clean love my new kitchen tools. Pot freindly


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