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Durable, stylish, and easy to use, the Swiss Diamond 7 inch (18cm) Fry Pan is the ideal space-saver for small apartments and dorm rooms. Superior craftsmanship is visible in the rounded walls and flat bottom that make this item perfect for frying, sautéing, or browning ingredients for your favorite small meals and side dishes. The diamond-reinforced coating makes clean-up a breeze - no more scrubbing or soaking dirty pans! The 7-inch skillet fits easily on the stove top alongside other Swiss Diamond pots and pans and is oven-safe up to 500°F (260°C) .This item is also available with a strong heat-tempered glass lid.


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This 7" skillet is a must-have for small apartments and crowded dorm rooms.

  • Item #: 6418T
  • Dimensions: 18cm (7")
  • Weight: 0.75kg (1.65lb)
  • Depth: 4cm (1.57")
  • Volume: .7l (.7qt)
  • Lid: Not Included
  • Oven-safe: Up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
  • Recommended Stovetops: Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
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I’ve had 2 fry pans (12.5” and 9.5”) for about 17 years now. Took good care of them always. But the non-stick is sticking now. Replaced the larger pan and in process of replacing the smaller one. Loved the pans. Though nothing lasts forever unless it’s good quality stainless steel. (I have SS pans that are perfect from 1971!)


This is my second purchase. This 7” pan is perfect for making my morning omelette. And clean up is so easy. These pans are definitely worth the price. You’ll never have to replace them.


Simply the best egg pan I've ever used. This thing knocks out eggs for the family with no stickage, and minimal clean up time. I'd rate this 10 stars if there was the option!

Science Brewing Co.

Simply the best egg pan I've ever used. This thing knocks out eggs for the family with no stickage, and minimal clean up time. I'd rate this 10 stars if there was the option!

Science Brewing Co.

I bought this pan and the none stick is flaking off! I washed in warm soapy and never used any metal. Very disappointed! I have to throw it away


Kristy, please start a warranty claim.  This is definitely the exception and not the rule.  We'd love to get you cooking again.

- Swiss Diamond



Fast shipping...Terrific Quality.


Our family has gone through many non-stick pans over the last 30 years, and so far this is the best. It is extremely well made, and you can wipe out the pan with a paper towel if needed. I will purchase other pans from Swiss Diamond in the near future.


I love the fry pan! I appreciate the quality of the pan and would purchase it as a gift. I additionally love that it is made in Switzerland and not China.


This is the best pan for frying eggs that I have ever used. Warm it up before you add the eggs, and put a dab of butter in it. You can flip the eggs easily and they cook evenly. Great pan. First, the quality of the Swiss Diamond line is beyond comparison. The weight of the cookware is heavy, and as a result, it takes a bit more time to heat up. Once it is hot, it stays hot, and provides an even heat throughout the pan. The non-stick surface is excellent. Eggs and fried foods release immediately. Put a bit of butter or oil into the pan and you are ready to go. Over my cooking years I have tried many cookware brands, but none have been as easy to cook with as Swiss Diamond. Do yourself a favor and try it.

Jim from California

The 7" fry pan is the best one that I have

Steve kosinski

Very Good , you can buy fry pans for. $ 30 - 40 dollars , but then you have to replace them in a few yrs, So you might as well get the BEST & KEEP THEM FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!

Wayne Felax

These pots and pans have been a life saver during the time of our kitchen remodeling. With no major appliances it has been a pleasure to be able to first easily wipe out the bits with a paper towel and rinse with hot water to get a perfectly clean interior for the next time. We'll worth the cost.

Louise O'Rourke

This is the best and sturdiest small frying pan that I have ever used to cook. I absolutely love it.

George L. Selph Jr.

So glad to find a small fry pan. This is my third Swiss Diamond Fry Pan. Wouldn't buy anything else.


Like most Swiss diamond products I have recently purchased and have fallen in love with it is an excellent product and would recommend anyone to buy!!!!

Thomas Alois

Sure seems like a great product so far. Non stick, easy to clean, great size. I have nothing negative to say about the pan yet.

Jill Lienhard

I would give this cookware 10 stars if it were possible. I love the even cooking and easy cleanup. I would NEVER put it in the dishwasher. WHY? Its a snap to clean with just a damp paper towel and your good to go again. I only wish it was not so pricey. We are on a fixed income and really have to watch our purchases. It is really worth the prices charged and you will never have to buy any more cookware in your life time.


I have purchased five pieces of Swiss Diamond products. Several years ago I purchased Scanpans for my daughter. When I read the reviews for Swiss Diamond, I decided to start purchasing them for my granddaughter who will be getting married in July. Her first piece was a covered frying pan, the next was a smaller frying pan and the third was a Christmas request from her for the large griddle. Although rather "pricey" I feel the quality is superb. Based on my granddaughter's delight with her Swiss Diamond, I recently purchased a small frying pan for myself, which I just love. No sticking and the pan washes so easily. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to purchase the additional pieces my granddaughter has listed on her Bridal Registry. I'm on a very limited income but my granddaughter deserves only the best!

Barbara Muth



Just received the pan and have used it for breakfast eggs a few times. Love that it cooks so quickly and evenly. Clean up was a breeze. Will buy more of these as gifts. Thank you SD.


Iove them. Gave both of them to my daughters and I will order an 8 inch pan. I've never in my 80 plus years used a better pan.


Perfect little pan. Also bought them for my daughters in law, So Thank you Swiss Diamond.

The Mary Rose

If you follow the directions, these pans will serve you very well.


Eggs for two, a chicken breast or fried tomatoes all come out beautifully in this little gem. The cast aluminum body has no hot spots. This is the pan my husband, who is not interested in most things kitchen, reaches for whenever he decides to make his own breakfast eggs. Don't worry about not having a lid. It's likely that you already have one in your collection that will work--or try covering it with a lunch plate. The only danger in purchasing this is that you'll want more utensils in this line. I started with this one fry pan and have since bought others.


I have four fry pans 2 saute pans and a 3 qt pan--I love them-quality unsurpassed.


The best cookware I've ever owned!


I recently got a new Swiss Diamond 7" frypan which I intend to use only for frying eggs so I hope it will last a long time.


so easy to clean,nothing sticks.cooks evenly


Use mainly to make my morning scrambled eggs and it is excellent . Eggs and veggies do not stick and cook very evenly


I absolutely love the fry pan. The weight and quality are wonderful. I have been totally pleased.


This is one of the best pans I have ever owned. The size is perfect for small to medium batches of scrambled eggs, and the even cooking provides outstanding results. When you're done, just wipe it out with a paper towel, and it's clean. Absolutely no sticking.


I now have several Swiss Diamond products, and find that one particular strength is the lack of hot spots. Speaking of this particular product: The handle on this small frying pan is comfortable. The pan is a heavy one, but in this small size, very manageable. It's become my husband's 'go-to' pan as well when he opts for eggs for breakfast. You will need to adjust your cooking heat according to the manufacturer's recommendations, however. High heat, especially in an empty pan, is a no-no. Clean up is simple. A few drops of dish detergent on a paper towel, and it's ready to rinse and dry. Like all fine cookware, it will last longer if not put in the dishwasher.


This little pan is perfect for breakfast for one! A nice addition to my SD collection.


I bought a large skillet awhile back and traded my Cephalon skillet in for it! I find Swiss Diamond far superior. now with the 7 inch one, it is even better.


Great at heating up one person size leftovers and sauteing veggies. Pan helps from sticking and cleans in a jif.


I can't wait to add more Swiss Diamond to our home. We tried the 7" pan offer and it is the best pan we've ever owned. Cooks evenly and no sticking.


Works very well for those Sunday morning 'omelets for one' from sauteing the fresh vegetables to creating the final dish. An extremely useful piece of cookware for preparing small quantities or complete meals. I'm very satisfied with its obvious quality and ease of cleaning.

80 Winters

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