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Craving Pasta da Vinci - but not the time it always takes to clean up after a cream sauce? Swiss Diamond's 10.25 inch (26 cm) skillet is your go-to partner for easy cleaning and perfect pasta sauces every time! It's true, just hand wash with a bristle brush or sponge and dish soap. Heavy duty aluminum spreads heat evenly around the pan, so your sauce won't scorch. Whether you have a ceramic stove, glass top range, or even gas burners, this pan will meet your needs. It will soon become your favorite cooking companion, as you discover how easy it can be to prevent burning and reduce wash time. It also makes an ideal gift for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza and other holidays, because it's made to stand the test of time.

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Our best selling pan with enough room to cook for 4, yet small enough for that morning omelet.

  • Item #: 6426c
  • UPC #: 7640119212654
  • Dimensions: 26cm (10.25")
  • Weight: 1.92kg (4.25lbs)
  • Depth: 4cm (1.57")
  • Volume: 1.8l (1.9qt)
  • Lid: Heat-tempered glass (10.25")
  • Oven-safe: Up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
  • Recommended Stovetops: Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
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I now have 4 SD fry pans. I like them because: -- Super slick coatings, easy clean-up. -- Available with lids. -- Good handles, not metal loops or tubes. -- They go in the oven so I don't have to transfer to a casserole. I am still learning to think ahead on heat because they are heavy, so slow to heat up and cool down. More practice!

John H

This skillet is sheer awesomeness! We tried another 'expensive' line & returned it in 30 days . Nothing I have ever used can hold a candle to this skillet. Worth every penny , we also have the saucepan and will be expanding our set soon. I am not sure how we lived without this cookware!!

Renee Erickson

grew up in switzerland and knew it would be a great product. I was not wrong, I love it and giving one to my daughter and daughter-in-laws for christmas.


The best cookware I've ever owned.


good products, a little heavy, bought because not made in China


We purchase the small 7.5 skillet last year and decided after a year "swiss diamond" exceeds our expectations ---- so we got the 10.5 skillet w/lid. I have a feeling I will eventually own the entire set. Super product !

Gayla StewardReardon

Have used about two weeks.Too early for full review still learning how to use, but happy with product at this time.

Jim O

We've had this pan for a couple of months. It really is the best in the world! Nothing sticks to it, even with very little oil or no oil/butter, not even eggs! My only issue is that, even though my husband and I only use wooden, nylon or silicone spatulas or other tools when we cook, there are still a lot of small scratches and a couple of bigger ones. It's very frustrating, since it nulls the lifetime warranty, and we've no explanation to how they happened. We only ever wash it with the soft side of the scrub, too! Still, we love the pan and use it daily. I hope it'll last a few good years.


I will buy all my cookware from Swiss Diamond. The best non stick cookware I ever used


Great pan for cooking and clean up. After removing cooked ingredients just wipe clean with paper towels. No washing needed. One real good feature is the adjustable vented top on the cover. It has a opening for heat & vapors to escape while cooking so as not to get that steamed & mushy look. When the vent is closed it contains the heat and vapors so cheese melts very fast for cheeseburger's, etc. One improvement would be to make the vent holes a bright color. Currently they black which matches the top material. Their alignment can only be seen with much care. If the vent holes were brightly colored then their mating would be easy to see while cooking.


love my 2 fry pans. thank you


A friend recommended this pan and we are so happy we took his advice because we love it


Am very pleased with this product.


I have been using your frying pans for a few years now and am very pleased with them.


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