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Super Sale - XD Nonstick 8" Fry Pan and 12.5" Nonstick Wok with Glass Lid



  • Super Sale - XD Nonstick 8" Frypan and 12.5" Nonstick Wok with Glass Lid
  • XD Nonstick 8" Frypan
  • XD Nonstick 12.5" Nonstick Wok with Glass Lid
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MSRP: $430.00
You save $330.05


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Up to 500°F (260°C)
Tempered glass (for the Wok Only)
Recommended Stovetops::
Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
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We are pairing up our top selling XD 8" Nonstick Fry Pan with our famous 12.5" Nonstick Wok with Glass Lid that will open your mind to a whole new way of cooking. We're able to offer you a great deal for a limited time only, so take advantage of this perfect gift for anyone with a kitchen.

The 8" Fry Pan is backed by a 365 Home Trial Program.  You don't love it?  We'll refund your purchase.


NOTE:  In order for us to offer you such a wonderful deal, we are unable to offer free return shipping on this set.  Fear not, if you need to return, we'll gladly take it back with no restocking fee. You'll just need to send it back to us with prepaid postage. No additional coupons can be applied to this product. In addition, these pans might ship without the factory packaging for consolidation purposes.

About the pans in the set:

Swiss Diamond XD 8" Fry Pan

Swiss Diamond’s new XD diamond-reinforced coating features an extra thick, 100% recycled cast aluminum body that will withstand the test of time. Providing trouble-free cooking and easy clean-up, the Swiss Diamond 8” (20 cm) Fry Pan is small enough for an apartment or dorm yet provides a little more room for cooking. If you’re looking to prepare healthier dishes, this pan is your new right hand. With a significantly tougher cooking surface and superior food-release properties, Swiss Diamond is designed to be used with little to no cooking oils or butter.

Easy to store and easy to clean, this pan will soon become the most used pan in your kitchen. The new XD coating provides years of quality, trouble-free cooking. Not only are there 20% more diamonds than our HD coating, the seal between the cooking surface and the aluminum base is improved, creating a more corrosion-resistant layer. This not only improves the durability of your Swiss Diamond cookware but provides a 40% better food-release than our previous HD coating.

And just when you thought Swiss Diamond couldn’t be better, this XD coating provides this 8” pan with optimum heat transferability. Because this pan transfers heat so efficiently, you never need to use more than low to medium heat. Whether you’re whipping up your go-to Southwestern omelet for breakfast or baking a mouthwatering skillet brownie in the oven, this fry pan is sure to meet all of your needs Made in Switzerland.


Swiss Diamond XD 12.5" Nonstick Wok with Glass Lid

Designed for a superior Asian-inspired cooking experience, this Nonstick 12.5" (32cm) Wok is large enough to make all of your favorite dishes. With the new and improved Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating and the extra thick, cast aluminum base, this pan conducts heat so evenly that you never need to use more than low to medium heat. Additionally, Swiss Diamond XD coating is designed for healthier cooking experiences by allowing you to use little to no excess oils or butters. This results in lighter and healthier dishes without sacrificing taste!

Tired of vigorous scrubbing after cooking sticky Kung Pao or Hunan Chicken? Swiss Diamond provides years of trouble-free and easy clean-up. Simply wash with warm water and a soft soapy sponge for a spotless and effortless clean. The rivet-free cooking surface protects against bacteria build-up. The 100% recycled cast aluminum base and body is heavy enough that it will not tip or warp while cooking. Because nothing conducts heat more quickly or efficiently that diamonds, you are guaranteed uniform heat distribution with every meal. The comfortable, ergonomic handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop while the heat-tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent allows you to control the amount of moisture in the pan at all times.

European excellence partners with Asian innovation for this brilliantly-designed wok. Featuring a brushed stainless steel flame guard for added elegance and sophistication, this wok is perfect for a variety of dishes. If you enjoy creative Asian-inspired dishes, you’ll be thankful you made the investment. Made in Switzerland.

*Tempura rack is not included in this offer


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