New Years Resolutions For You and the Planet

New Years Resolutions For You and the Planet

Posted by Swiss Diamond Chef Jen on 8th Jan 2021

2021 is finally here, and so many of us are looking forward to a hopefully better year, filled with time with family, new experiences, and less stress. Often, we look inward for our new year’s resolutions and to be honest, that gets super stressful. This week at Swiss Diamond we are focusing on smaller changes that can lead to a bigger impact, not only in our lives but in the world.

One of the biggest issues we face in the world is global warming, and this year we want to do our part to better our environment!

Here are the things we are doing this January to start off the year on the right foot.

We’re cleaning with less plastic waste

We all have that unorganized cabinet under the sink filled with cleaning supplies, and it is time to change that! We got rid of all of our random bottles of cleaner and bought glass bottles from amazon, which we’ve filled with our choice of glass, surface, and wood cleaning supplies. Now instead of buying a new plastic bottle every other month, we can just refill our glass bottles to cut down on repeat waste. Plus, they make everything highly organized and look great!

We are meal prepping to avoid creating fast food waste 

I know there are times when we forget to grocery shop and end up eating out for lunch or dinner a few times a week. This not only costs more in the long run but also creates unnecessary trash that ends up in local landfills. We love getting out our 11” XD Frypan to cook up a large amount of chicken or other meat, then we pair it with sautéed vegetables and riced cauliflower for easy and delicious lunches to take to work. You can find our chicken recipe that we use often here!

We are using reusable grocery bags

Some of our favorite grocers actually encourage the use of reusable bags by charging you to use their paper or plastic bags. Does anyone experience that where they live? We always have these reusable bags in our car so we never have to worry about using plastic! Check out Time’s Wirecutters article on the best 7 reusable bags to buy.

Worried about other ways you could be impacting the environment? With Swiss Diamond you don’t have to! Swiss Diamond makes a conscious effort to avoid negatively impacting the environment. In addition to having an extremely long lifetime expectancy - which greatly reduces landfill waste around the world our XD and HD lines are manufactured in part using hydropower from the Swiss Alps; plus, their aluminum bodies are recyclable!

I hope everyone reading this has a safe and prosperous new year, and if you try out any of these tips please share with us on social media!