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Swiss Diamond XD 10.25" Nonstick Fry Pan - Induction



  • xd 10.25" induction nonstick fry pan above view
  • xd 10.25" induction nonstick fry pan side view
  • xd 10.25" induction nonstick fry pan in use above view
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MSRP: $190.00
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Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
10.25" (26cm)
Recommended Stovetops::
Induction, Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen
1.57" (4cm)
Not Included
1.9qt (1.8l)
Up to 500°F (260°C)
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Proudly made in Switzerland and crafted with European excellence, this Swiss Diamond Induction 10.25” (26cm) Nonstick Fry Pan is a workhorse in the kitchen. Now featuring the new and improved Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating, this pan contains 20% more diamonds than the previous Swiss Diamond HD coating. At 10.25", this pan is large enough to make a wide variety of meals and is a vital piece in any cooking enthusiast’s cookware collection.

The ergonomic handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and stay cool on the stovetop. Additionally, both the handles and pan are oven-safe up to 500°F/260°C, making it easily transferable from stovetop to oven. The innovative and magnetic cast aluminum base makes it induction-compatible without the annoying buzzing. The perfectly flat, 100% recycled cast aluminum base and body will not tip, spin or warp while cooking, and the rivet-free surface provides maximum protection against bacteria build-up. This model guarantees easy clean-up and stable cooking for years of optimal performance on any stovetop.

Looking to watch your waistline? Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating is designed for a healthy convenience by allowing you to cook without excess oils and butters. This makes the pan ideal for years of lighter meals. The size allows you to use a large stove eye without any extra overhang; the perfect size for a wide variety of meals. From a simple fried egg to delicious garlic chicken pasta, this pan is a one-of-a-kind and makes cooking and cleaning stress-free. Made in Switzerland.

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