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Swiss DiamondⓇ XD Classic+

Swiss Diamond XD Classic+ Cookware

Swiss Diamond XD is our latest, most advanced diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware line to date. XD is produced using a new coating formulation developed in our lab in Switzerland with an advanced production process pioneered in our manufacturing facility. The result is a significantly tougher cooking surface with even better food-release properties. In our lab tests, utilizing over 12,000 continuous strokes of coarse sandpaper, our diamond-reinforced coating outperformed the competition for years of trouble-free nonstick cooking and easy clean-up. Read More




Swiss DiamondⓇ  HD Series

The Swiss Diamond classic series features our revolutionary HD nonstick coating made of genuine diamond crystals. Each pan contains up to 200,000 diamond crystals, creating excellent quality cookware that conducts and distributes heat evenly. Diamonds have natural nonstick properties making this Swiss Diamond line internationally known for its luxury and superior performance.  Read More





 Swiss DiamondⓇ Nonstick Clad

Swiss Diamond - Prestige Clad 9.5Looking for the next thing to thrill you in your kitchen? Swiss Diamond’s all new Nonstick Clad line sets new standards with an ultra-sleek stainless steel design.  Its elegant 5-ply stainless body and new Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating deliver a cooking experience from start to finish that will leave you breathless...or at least wanting to make tomorrow’s dinner tonight! The Nonstick Clad line is designed to outperform all other nonstick stainless cookware.  Designed with the home chef in mind, we use welded, stay-cool handles for added comfort and stability, and the 5- layer stainless body provides excellent heat distribution.  The Swiss Diamond XD coating will not let anything stick, making clean-up effortless.    Read More



 Swiss DiamondⓇ Premium Clad

Swiss Diamond - Premium Clad 9.55-ply stainless steel is often regarded is the best cooking experience when it comes to cookware.  Swiss Diamond’s Premium Clad cookware is just that - the best 5 ply stainless steel cookware on the market today.  Featuring a modern look with all the features a pan should have, Premium Clad sets the bar higher than ever before. Welded cast stainless steel handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and won’t loosen up over time, while providing a rivet free pan body to keep things clean and healthy. This line has a beautiful satin exterior finish from top to bottom and is sure to look good for years to come.  Read More




 Swiss DiamondⓇ Enameled Cast Iron

Swiss Diamond - Prestige Cast

Cast Iron is an enameled cast iron range that has been designed and developed by Swiss Diamond. The cast iron body has excellent heat conductivity and retention. The high-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratches. Favored by home and professional chefs alike, the enamel has anti-adhesive properties, allowing for a more thorough cleaning process and eliminating the need for pre-seasoning. Enhance your table setting with this exquisite line.  Read More




 Swiss DiamondⓇ Forged Knives

Swiss Diamond -Prestige - 5Swiss Diamond Knives are manufactured with the highest quality German steel. Designed by professional chefs, the ergonomic handle and blade shape provides superior control and ease of use in the kitchen. This extensive range includes knives for all meal preparation from a carving knife, bread knife, paring knife and much more. Read More





 Swiss TitanⓇ

Because the Swiss Diamond classic series was successful in the high-end cookware category, Swiss Diamond released Swiss Titan – which brings premium quality items to the mid-range cookware category. While the Swiss Diamond classic series features a nonstick coating using real diamond crystals, Swiss Titan replaces the diamond crystals with titanium. Though the strength and heat conductivity of titanium rank below diamonds, Swiss Titan’s coating provides an excellent high-quality, nonstick base.  Read More




 Swiss DiamondⓇ Premium Steel

Premium Steel is Swiss Diamond’s most recent revolutionary product line, suitable for stovetops of all kinds. Unlike the classic series, Premium Steel features a beautiful stainless steel body, aluminum core and induction base plate. The handles on this collection are ergonomically designed to stay cool while its stainless steel shine gives it a modern and sleek look.  Read More





 Swiss DiamondⓇ HD Pro

The difference between Swiss Diamond’s Classic Series and HD Pro is that HD Pro features a stainless steel exterior, waffle-style interior finish and ergonomic handles to optimize "the flip"  - the strategic wrist movement cooks use to toss food in the pan. Swiss Diamond Classic Series and HD Pro pans are made in Switzerland. When cooking on a gas stove, you may notice that the stainless steel base and sides may become discolored over time. However, this does not affect performance. Unlike the Classic Series, the stainless steel base requires a fair amount of elbow grease when cleaning to keep the cookware in pristine condition. 

Image shown: HD Pro 9.5" (24cm) Fry Pan