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xd fry pan in use with a sunny side egg on a counter
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Our Technology

In our Swiss Diamond laboratory located in Sierre, Switzerland, we, the dedicated engineers, have pioneered an inventive method that seamlessly integrates authentic diamond crystals with a high-quality, nonstick composite, resulting in unparalleled cookware performance. Recognizing the ingenuity of our unique technology, the Swiss Diamond coating earned a prestigious Gold Medal at the 1999 International Exhibition of Inventors.

a factory worker handling a mold of an unfinished fry pan on conveyer belt
fry pan being coated with a nonstick formula
xd fry pan in use with cooked chicken breast on a wooden table

Advance Coating

Our advanced production process and our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, along with our distinctive approach to induction cookware, this innovation establishes us, Swiss Diamond, as a leader in the industry. The paramount advantage of our Swiss Diamond cookware lies in our premium nonstick coating, validated through rigorous laboratory tests, demonstrating its superior performance and durability when compared to competitors. This makes it your forefront choice in cookware excellence.

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HD Coating

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XD Coating

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in the Industry

#1 in Australia & New Zealand

For three years running, Swiss Diamond® is the top choice for nonstick cookware according to the leading U.S. consumer organization. Enjoy consistently exceptional cooking with our superior nonstick coating. Choose Swiss Diamond® for excellence in every meal.

Precision Engineering

Crafted from pressure-cast aluminum, Swiss Diamond® cookware ensures uniform heat distribution without any hot spots, and it comes with a guarantee against warping. Each piece features a flawlessly flat base, suitable for use on ceramic, gas, or electric cooktops (with an Induction series also available).

Versatile Design

Experience effortless versatility with temperature-safe, well-balanced handles (up to 260°C/500°F) that enable a smooth shift from stovetop to oven. Our sturdy, oven-safe glass lids feature an adjustable steam vent for advanced moisture control, enhancing the adaptability of your culinary journey.

factory worker handling unfinished fry pans on a conveyer belt



Production Process

  1. Melting and Casting: Aluminum is melted on-site and cast into suitable forms, utilizing pressure-casting to prevent warping, even under extreme temperature changes.
  2. Pressurization and Warranty: Molten aluminum undergoes pressurization to eliminate bubbles, ensuring proper mold filling. Each product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.
  3. Surface Preparation: The aluminum body is sandblasted to prepare it for coating, enhancing adhesion.
  4. Diamond Surface Layer: A diamond surface layer is plasma-deposited on the interior, preventing direct contact between aluminum and food, even if the nonstick coating is damaged.
  5. Coating Application: Specially designed robots apply three solid layers of nonstick coating, patented and reinforced with genuine diamond crystals for a lifetime of superior performance.
  6. Trimming and Stability: The pan's bottom is precisely trimmed, and the cast aluminum construction, coupled with a perfectly flat base, prevents warping and ensures stability on any cooktop.
  7. Handle Attachment: Handles are attached using a unique threaded method on exterior bolsters, preventing food build-up inside the pan and minimizing the risk of bacterial growth.
  8. Final Inspection and Shipment: The finished Swiss Diamond cookware undergoes a final inspection before being shipped to chefs and cooks around the world!
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xd stock pot in use with raw beef cubed and fresh herbs on wooden table


Sustainable Manufacturing

At Swiss Diamond, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Our factory, powered by 100% hydroelectricity from the Swiss Alps, uses recycled undrinkable water for cooling and coating. All our products feature recyclable aluminum, with factory scrap seamlessly recycled. Operating furnaces with natural gas ensures 24/7 efficiency. Our in-house nonstick coating production minimizes transportation emissions and packaging waste. Residual coating materials are responsibly disposed of in a specialized third-party facility, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

fry pan in use with sunny side up egg on kitchen counter


High-Tech Induction Cookware

At Swiss Diamond, we employ a distinctive method to adapt our cookware for induction stoves. Unlike traditional approaches involving a magnetic core that produces disruptive buzzing sounds when heated, we opt for a special technique. We infuse a ferromagnetic base onto the cookware, ensuring a quiet cooking experience without any unwanted noise.