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factory worker handling unfinished fry pans on a conveyer belt


fry pan in use with egg mixture filled with veggies on a table
xd fry pan in use with cooked chicken breast on a wooden table

Behind Swiss Diamond

WHO Are We?

Established in 1974 in Sierre, Switzerland, Swiss Diamond® has been at the forefront of redefining cookware through scientific innovation. Our journey reached a pivotal point in 2001 with the introduction of a revolutionary nonstick coating that has become the hallmark of XD products, setting new global standards.

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factory worker handling a fry pan being washed and coated
a factory worker handling a mold of an unfinished fry pan on conveyer belt
assembly line of uncoated fry pans
hort factory in Switzerland with a swiss diamond sign
set of cookware on counter and stove top
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top view of nonstick xd stock pot with food inside



Named the "best nonstick cookware" by leading U.S. consumer ratings and endorsed by the Cooking Club of America, Swiss Diamond® operates in 38+ countries. This global acclaim reflects our commitment to seamlessly blending Swiss precision with widespread appeal.

xd fry pan in use with cooked chicken breast on a wooden table



In the '90s, Swiss Diamond® discovered the potential of diamonds to revolutionize cookware. The result was XD cookware, featuring a nonstick coating reinforced with real diamond crystals, offering unparalleled performance and durability.

Awards & Mentions

fry pan being coated with a nonstick formula

Our Roots


We can trace our origins back to 1974 in Sierre, Switzerland, where we began as a scientific research company exploring new materials and surface coatings. As we progressed in our research journey, we recognized the potential advantages of a different reinforcement material, placing a strong emphasis on extreme hardness and exceptional thermal conductivity. This realization led us straight to diamonds.

The idea of a diamond-reinforced coating originated in our labs at HORT Coating Center SA, a Swiss company that we co-founded in 1974. Our specialization lies in developing customized coating technologies for various industries, including electrical engineering, chemistry, watchmaking, medicine, and aerospace. Notably, we are the exclusive manufacturing center for Swiss Diamond cookware.

Demand for Premium Cookware


In 1998, as the demand for premium cookware soared, we at Swiss Diamond initiated research for an advanced nonstick coating. Initially, our focus was on enhancing our existing titanium-reinforced coating, with finely ground titanium deemed the optimal choice for reinforcing nonstick surfaces during that period.

However, during our research and development at HORT Coating Center, we recognized the potential advantages of a different reinforcement material. We identified extreme hardness and excellent thermal conductivity as the primary criteria for improvement, leading us straight to diamonds.

After two years of dedicated preliminary testing to determine the best formulation and application process, we introduced the Swiss Diamond coating. This patented coating not only showcases genuine diamond crystals but also incorporates high-quality nonstick components.

Awarded a Gold Medal


Our engineers in the Sierre, Switzerland laboratory developed a groundbreaking method. We combine genuine diamond crystals with a high-quality nonstick composite to achieve superior cookware performance. Our unique technology earned the Swiss Diamond coating a Gold Medal at the 1999 International Exhibition of Inventors. Additionally, we are proud to mention that our coating was honored with the first prize at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1999.

Started a Revolution

2001 - 2006

Fast forward a few years to 2001, and we, at Swiss Diamond International, came together to manage the production of cast aluminum cookware featuring our diamond-reinforced nonstick coating. After years of dedicated research and exhaustive testing, our team of Swiss Diamond® engineers successfully enhanced our revolutionary coating by 40% overall. This significant improvement led to the receipt of various awards, widespread recognition for our innovative cookware, and the launch of the cookware in the USA and in Australia.

In 2006, we at Swiss Diamond International SA initiated the spin-off of HORT Coating Center SA and redirected our focus to the worldwide marketing and sales of Swiss Diamond cookware.

fry pan in use with sunny side up egg on kitchen counter

Strategic Investments

2008 - 2010

In 2008, HORT Coating Center made strategic investments, acquiring a state-of-the-art high-pressure aluminum foundry and doubling its coating lines manufacturing capacity.

In 2010 we, the Swiss Diamond engineers, unveiled the Swiss Diamond HD coating, marking a significant improvement with a 30 percent overall boost in performance. Our efforts and achievements in showcasing entrepreneurial spirit and achieving remarkable growth—54% in just one year—earned Swiss Diamond International the prestigious Swiss Economic Forum award.



We are proud to announce that Swiss Diamond has been ranked as the #1 nonstick cookware by the leading U.S. consumer reporting organization. Additionally, our Swiss Diamond cookware has received a recommendation from the American Vegetarian Association for its suitability in vegan and vegetarian cooking.



Swiss Diamond was selected as the gift of choice for celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards suite. Furthermore, our Swiss Diamond Crepe Pan has earned the distinction of being a finalist for a Design Award. For a decade, the Housewares Design Awards have acknowledged innovative products dedicated to enhancing everyday living, and we are proud to have our 10.25-inch crepe pan recognized as a finalist for this prestigious accolade.

Awarded the Gourmet Retailer Editors' Pick


In 2015, we at Swiss Diamond marked a noteworthy achievement as we clinched a prestigious award for our outstanding contributions. This recognition not only validates our commitment to excellence but also highlights our dedication to innovation, solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.

Expanding our Production Factory


At a pivotal moment in our brand's journey, we expanded our production factory, marking a significant step towards enhancing our capabilities and meeting the growing demand for our products. This strategic move reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and providing our customers with an even better experience.

xd stock pot in use with raw beef cubed and fresh herbs on wooden table

red dot award


These kitchen knives exemplify a superior quality standard, offering functionality, comfort, and long-lasting reliability. The Red Dot Awards jury has expressed admiration for Swiss Diamond Knives, crafted by our in-house chefs and product development team, causing a stir in the industry. This accolade reinforces the innovative spirit that defines our brand.

Our latest achievement, the Swiss Diamond XD, represents the pinnacle of our diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware line. Developed using a new coating formulation from our Swiss lab and an advanced production process pioneered in our manufacturing facility, XD boasts a significantly tougher cooking surface with enhanced food-release properties. This commitment to innovation and quality has earned us international recognition through the esteemed Red Dot Award, a symbol of excellence in design since 1955.

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