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"The Perfect Manna Cotta"

st10.jpgSwiss Diamond Cookware is featured on Studio 10's broad cast. Chef Luca's recipe impresses all! See Video


"Swiss Diamond's XD Sauté Pan Gives New Meaning to 'Non-Stick'"

LA TravelThe team over at Esquire have endorsed our XD Nonstick Saute Pan as truly a "universal" pan that you can cook 'literally' anything on. To be honest, we couldn't agree more! Read More





"As Summer winds down, grilling season heats up."

LA TravelLA Travel is one of the most exclusive travel magazines, so you can imagine how excited we were when our XD Nonstick Grill was featured in their "The Essential Endless Summer Style Guide.   Bring the grilling indoors as the temps start to drop this fall, and continue to enjoy your favorite summer cookout foods.. Read More




"Must have summer necessities."

Hedonist ShedonistThis year summer seems to be going by quicker than ever. The team over at Hedonist Shedonist, have included our Roaster and our Fish Pan in their list of favorite items for their summer arsenal. Read More





"Versatile, sure. Beautiful, Absolutely!"

Food & NutritionSwiss Diamond impressed Katie Pfeffer-Scanlan from the moment the  From the 2.2 Qt. XD Induction Sauce Pan with Lid left the box.  Making homemade tomato sauce is a breeze when you know cleaning won't take hours with a scrub pad.  We're proud to be highly recommended by such an accomplished Dietitian. Read More



"Simulate grilling out on the grill, in your kitchen."

OxygenFootball season is right around the corner, and the weather is not always the best for cooking outside.  Rick Limpart talks about how the Swiss Diamond Classic Nonstick Grill can turn your stovetop into the perfect grilling surface for your game day celebration.  The best part may be how fast you can have the cleaning done and get back to watching the game. Read More.





"The cookware for healthy cooking and easy cleaning"

OxygenBeing featured in Oxygen Magazine is the perfect fit for Swiss Diamond. Lara shows some of her favorite products, and of course, Swiss Diamond's Nonstick Clad Frypan made the cut.  Stating that the real diamond nonstick coating is by far her fave, she also likes the even cooking and easy cleaning. Read More.





" deserves more than just 1 mention for 1 holiday!"

Parenting HealthySwiss Diamond has been replacing pans in people's cabinets for years.  The team at Parenting Healthy has discovered the same thing when they received our cookware.  " I will say that the pans I am tossing (actually donating) weren’t cheap brands." writes Erin.  We think we have some good cookware, and we're honored that this article feels the same way. Read More.





"Looking for that fathers day gift that he'll never expect?"

Stockpiling MomsFathers are always hard to shop for.  What do they really want?  It would seem, nobody knows.  The team at Stockpiling Moms have put together a Gift Guide for Fathers day, and we're honored to be mentioned in this list.  Swiss Diamond cookware is great for enthusiastic dad chefs. Read More.





"Are you ready for grilling season? Swiss Diamond has you covered!"

DelishAs the summer gets hot, too hot to grill outside, You'll need a good option for grilling indoors.  Swiss Diamond's Double Burner Grill has made the list of "The 11 Best Indoor Grills You Can Buy Right Now" by Delish.  Don't stop enjoying your favorite grilled meats and veggies just because you don't enjoy the weather outside! Read More.





"Need a graduation gift? Reader's Digest suggests Swiss Diamond!"

Family Circle
Graduation is a wonderful event to celebrate. Looking for the perfect graduation gift for a loved one in your life? Reader's Digest Online knows that a practical gift means that you've prepared your graduate for their life as an adult with a career. With the Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick line, graduates can cook with no butter or oil, and "is so energy-efficient that you shouldn't have to raise the heat over low-medium, which means less chance of burning."  Read More!






"SWISS DIAMOND wok: the bold Mother's Day gift for the daring home chef!"

Family Circle
Mother's Day is right around the corner. If the mother in your life loves to cook, it's time for you to get her a gift that will make her time in the kitchen even more enjoyable. has listed the Swiss Diamond Nonstick 11" Wok as on of the "gifts to make mom smile." With this wok, Asian-inspired dishes can be lighter - ideal for years of healthy eating.  Read More!






"SWISS Diamond: the perfect 2018 Mother's Day gift!"

Family Circle
It's never too early to start looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift. Whether it's your mother, wife, sister, or loved one - we're sure you're tired of giving them flowers and cards. Suprise the mother in your life with the most fabulous and unique gift of them all - a Swiss Diamond Square Fry Pan. Perfect for frying, browning and searing, this product is ideal for home chefs who are looking to cook quality meals.  Watch Here!





"Swiss Diamond vs. Hexclad: Swiss Diamond takes the prize!"

Family Circle
Want to see how Swiss Diamond holds up in compared to other nonstick brands? Swiss Diamond is put to the test, and proves that it's worth the investment. Chef's brown chicken, cook eggs and heat cheese on a Hexclad pan and a Swiss Diamond Wok, with the wok taking home the prize with each dish.  Read More!








"Swiss Diamond's Japanese omelet pan - the ultimate egg pan!"

Family CircleOh, Bite It! is a blog named after the author's typical response to anyone who refuses to taste one of her recipes. Oh, Bite It is all about experimenting in the kitchen and being unafraid of recipes - from easy to challenging. This product review is for one of our most innovative cookware designs - the Swiss Diamond XD Japanese Omelette (Tamagoyaki) Pan! "This is my new go-to egg pan!" Read More!





"Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Hedonist Shedonist suggests Swiss Diamond!"

Family CircleHedonist Shedonist is a website devoted to all things eating, drinking, eventing, and traveling. On their 2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Hedonist Shedonist suggests our Swiss Diamond XD Japanese Omelette (Tamagoyaki) Pan! "For those who like the whole breakfast-in-bed thing, you can put a twist on your romantic gesture this year around! Surprise your lover with the trending egg-sushi, which is made in a special Tamagoyaki pan" Read More!





"Swiss Diamond on Focus Atlanta | WUPA"

Family CircleFocus Atlanta (CW; Atlanta, GA) is a community program that focuses on the top 10 issues concerning citizens of the metropolian area. In this segment, host Keisha Lancelin interviews Cam Ryan about all things Swiss Diamond. They discuss upcoming gift shows where you can find Swiss Diamond and what to look for when buying cookware! Plus, if you're in the Atlanta area, you can head into The Cook's Warehouse where their experts can answer all of your Swiss Diamond Cookware questions!    Watch Now!





"SWISS DIAMOND: the official cookware of good chef bad chef season 10!"

Family CircleGood Chef Bad Chef is an Australian cooking show that airs on Network Ten. 

Join chef Adrian Richardson and nutritionist Rosie Mansfield as they cook up a variety of amazing dishes – sometimes healthy, sometimes comforting, always delicious. Looking for a new way to spruce up veggies? Or maybe you can’t say no to anything with bacon and cheese. Whether it’s nutrition or indulgence you’re after, there’s something for everyone on Good Chef Bad Chef! Plus, you'll spot Swiss Diamond cookware all throughout season 10! Watch Now!




"Surprise Swiss Diamond gift for one lucky WBFF Fox Baltimore caller!"

Family CircleWatch as Helene of Dundalk, Maryland sees her Swiss Diamond XD holiday gift on WBFF FOX 45's Countdown to Christmas special! Our XD nonstick coating features 20% more diamonds - making it the most impressive last minute gift around.  Wach Now!







"Newlyweds need Swiss Diamond"


Family CircleOur 5 Qt Rubis Red Cast Iron Casserole Dish was included in WSLS 10 NBC Roanoake’s  December 20th segment, Gift for the Newlyweds! As Newlyweds, there still may be a few things missing from your new home -- find out what as Roanoake's producer, Joanna, walks us through some great gift ideas for those newlyweds on your list. Wach Now!







"Men love Swiss Diamond: Gifts for men that will make you a hero"

Family CircleHave you ever looked for a gift for the man in your life but came up short? Bryce Gruber promises that there isn't a single tie on this list - just practical items they really want!  Read More 

"Aspiring Food Blogger? Yahoo! Suggests Swiss Diamond"

Family CircleEveryone has a friend who won't allow you to take a bite out of your bolognese until they’ve found the perfect angle for their Instagram picture. Yahoo suggests our Cast Iron Grill Pan, for delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and more.  Read More 

"What To Give The Ultimate Chef: Swiss Diamond Enameled Cast Iron"

Family CircleThe editors over at comprised a list of the best gifts to give the ultimate cooking enthusiasts – and naturally, Swiss Diamond made the list. If you’re really looking to surprise your loved ones, surprise them with Swiss Diamond. Read More 

"Vegan? Swiss Diamond Is The Cookware For You!"

Family CircleSwiss Diamond is proud to have been included in The Green Plate's Ultimate Vegan Holiday Gift Guide! If you’re vegan, or just shopping for a gift for a vegan, you may find you’re faced with an extra-fun challenge: finding that perfect vegan holiday gift. Luckily, Mercy For Animals has got you covered.






"A Shining Star - Premium Clad Wok"

Advice Sisters + Swiss Diamond WokThe advice sisters got their hands on a Premium Clad Wok and were instantly impressed.  “Beauty might not be everything, but cooking with attractive pots and pans makes the task more pleasurable. The stainless steel shines, not quite like a diamond but it’s pretty.” Read More




"2017 Fall Kitchen Refresh includes Cast Iron"

Clean Eating Magazine Loves Swiss DiamondClean Eating Magazine aims to put the fun back in your cooking space.  Swiss Diamond Cast iron Grill in Saphir Bleu stands out in their gorgeous selection of culinary tools and serve ware as the premier cookware of the season. Read More






"Swiss Diamond knives win prestigious Award"

Red Dot Award Winner"As an expression of a superior quality standard, these kitchen knives offer functionality, comfort and long-lasting reliability"  The jury at Red Dot Awards jury seem to love Swiss Diamond Knives.  Created by Swiss Diamond's own in-house chefs and product development team, this knife collection is turning some heads in the industry.  This award reinforces the spirit of innovation behind the brand.  The Red Dot Award originated in 1955 and is internationally recognised as one of the most prestigious awards for quality design. Read More



"Swiss Diamond knives are stunning"

Food & NutritionFrom the tip of their ice hardened blades to the Swiss Diamond logo forged into the end of the black resin handle, the Swiss Diamond Knife design is simple and aesthetically pleasing.  While Tessa says they didn’t fit her cutting style perfectly, she goes on to say “Swiss Diamond’s knives are undoubtedly made from quality, durable materials.” Read More



" helps find Mom the perfect gift"

Hamptons Mother's Day Writeup.Nicole Barylski writes that Swiss Diamond Premium Clad 10 Piece Set could be the perfect gift to seriously spoil mom.  We know that her mom is likely seriously overjoyed if she was the happy recipient of this evenly cooking set. Read More




"Consumer Reports: Holiday Gifts for the Family Chef"

Consumer ReportsThe fastest way to a cook’s heart is with a gift that makes meal prep easy and delicious. Show your appreciation by giving one of these culinary wonders. In an article that also appeared in the December 2016 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine, the Swiss Diamond 10pc set (SD6010) was featured as one of the 19 featured gifts. Read More




"TGR's Editors' Picks Housewares Winners"

Gourmet RetailerOctober 2016 marks the annual housewares editor’s pics at Gourmet Retailer.  Accompanied by some of the most innovative, fun and functional housewares items of the year, Swiss Diamond Jêt Mix Immersion Blender made the cut.  They love immersion blenders and loved an immersion blender that's safe for non-stick cookware even more. Read More



"Home Gifting For The Holidays: Swiss Diamond Cookware"'s writer, Michele Elyzabeth writes about how Swiss Diamond helps with shopping for your frineds and family.  She tells you many reasons why our Nonstick Clad cookware and patentend XD coating works well with those trying to cute back on oil and butter while cooking. Read More




"Great kitchen gadgets to get you thru Summer!"

Working Mother Loves Swiss DiamondSummer vacation comes with its fair share of pancake and French toast breakfasts for the kiddies, make sure you can whip it all up with ease with this no-stick, no-warp square griddle from Swiss Diamond.  Working Mother lists us on their 20 Hot Summer Kitchen Gadgets. Read More




"One of 68 products that WIRED Magazine editors can’t live without!"

lLAtfUSA“…[It] is now easier than ever to create something and bring it to market. So the need to evaluate quality has never been more important,” Jeremy White, product editor of Wired Magazine, UK Edition has to say about Swiss Diamond Classic Line.  He went on to say, "If you are going to choose one tablet keyboard, or pair of jeans, [or frying pan], it had better be the best.” Read More



"For Those who love to cook: Best of the best"

Swiss Diamond in Gourmet BusinessBest of the best loved our Square Griddle, the griddle, which won’t warp, contains a non-stick coating with real diamonds. Fun fact: diamonds allow the coating to last longer. Read More




"Swiss Diamond brings "oven safe" to nonstick cookware"

Swiss Diamond in Gourmet BusinessSwiss Diamond cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees and Gourmet Business decided that it was time for the world to know all about it.  





"Home Gifting For The Holidays: Swiss Diamond Cookware"

Family CircleWhen in Charleston, the editor of Family Circle magazine "fell in love with Swiss Diamond pans"   She was sold on the even heating and the ease of cleaning our Swiss Diamond Classic Line.  We sure hope many more people discover the same thing when their on a break from their regular daily routine. Read More