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Swiss Made Brands

Because we hold our brand in such high esteem, becoming a Swiss Diamond Wholesaler is by invitation only. We are looking to partner with gourmet brick and mortar establishments and foster long-term relationships with proprietors and their customers.

Swiss Diamond Advantages

Swiss Engineering

Each piece of XD cookware is made in our factory in Sierre, Switzerland. While Swiss engineers are continuously working to improve the formula of our nonstick coating, our current nonstick formula is the best in the industry. With up to 240,000 diamond crystals per pan, making it 40% more durable with 40% better food release than our previous coatings.    

Local Distributor

Our US headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We distribute out of a 15,000 square foot warehouse that services all of North and South America. With our sales team in office here as well, they have hands-on access to inventory. We pride ourselves on quick and accurate shipping.  

Dedicated Sales Team

As a Swiss Diamond vendor, you will work with a dedicated sales team out of our office in North Carolina offering assistance with merchandising, sales training, demos and more.

Quality Assurance

We offer quality control across multiple levels from an initial inspection at the factory to an intake appraisal by our warehouse manager and team upon arrival. Swiss Diamond has a close relationship with our shipping brokers to ensure that any damage that occurs while in transit to you is taken care of quickly as possible. While we do our absolute best to ensure perfection in our product we realize that this is impossible 100% of the time for extra assurance Swiss Diamond offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty will cover a replacement product should a manufacturer's defect become apparent.  

Wholesale Promos

Swiss Diamond offers a variety of quarterly promotions for wholesale vendors to participate in. This is a great chance to get some of our best-selling items at exceptional prices. Enter your email below to sign up for these offers today.

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Highlighted product

XD6432 is a 12.5 inch fry pan and one of our best sellers. This pan is perfect for a family of four or more. The extra thick, 100% recycled cast aluminum body provides the home chef with a superb cooking platform that will stay hot and cook evenly every time. The helper handle allows for a safe transfer from oven to table.

On promo for Q1 this is a particulary fast selling item around any holiday.

More Information

Use and Care

All nonstick products require special care to ensure they last. Click to read our recommended use and care.


Swiss Diamond prides itself on the quality of our workmanship. We guarantee that each piece of cookware is free from manufacturer's defects or we will replace it.


Want to know more about Swiss Diamond in general? Check out our FAQ page. Have a more specific question? Email us directly at sales@swissmadebrandsusa.