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5 Things You NEED for a Perfect Holiday Dinner

5 Things You NEED for a Perfect Holiday Dinner



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Holiday Dinner, Are You Ready?

5 Things You NEED for a Perfect Holiday Dinner

OUR #1

Introduction and Familiarity.


Place Cards

This is a small but thoughtful detail that will make your family and guests extra excited about having a meal together. It’s also perfect for guests that aren't familiar with each other! Take time with a family member to fold paper or a card and neatly write out each guest's name. Get creative!


An Oven-to-Table Dish

The best way to spend a holiday is with loved ones! Spend less time in the kitchen by baking your main dish in a pan that can be transferred straight to the table. We know presentation is important, so we love to cook with the XD Roaster, who’s high quality, diamond-infused coating looks flawless placed among other dishes.

OUR #2

More time with your guests.


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OUR #3

Get everyone involved for more fun.


Interactive dessert

We think of pumpkin pie being a staple at holiday dinners, but what about a dessert guests could participate in? Simply melt chocolate in a XD saucepan, transfer to the table, provide guests with skewers, cut-up fruit, marshmallows and even cheesecake! Cleaning up will be a breeze thanks to Swiss Diamond's nonstick coating!



While it's expected that many conversations will be had over the dinner table, it's always nice to fill the background with a soft song selection. You can go holiday-based, or keep it relaxed with an acoustic playlist. We love this dinner playlist

OUR #4

Set the mood. It can make all the difference.

OUR #3

Spend time early to save time later.


Prep for Clean-up

Make sure you’ve got all the dishes you need set out ahead of time! We save time by using our XD6010 set which encompasses everything we will need for the evening. These pots and pans heat evenly ensuring nothing will end up on the table overcooked or cold! Once dinner is finished, we simply wash everything in warm, soapy water with a nylon sponge, watching the excess food slide right off!


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