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What Does It Mean If Something Is Back Ordered?

Stock Availability and Backorders Policy:

While we strive to maintain ample stock across our product range, occasional stock shortages may occur. In the event that an item you've ordered is temporarily out of stock, it will be shipped once all items are available.

If you prefer immediate shipment of your in-stock items, please reach out to our customer service department at Orders containing back ordered items will be shipped without additional shipping costs once the products are back in stock.

Backordered items on our site are labeled with an Estimated Ship Date (ETA), indicating when we anticipate the product's return to our warehouse. Please note that the ETA is subject to change based on product movement from Switzerland. If the ETA changes by more than 7 days, our customer service team will contact you with relevant information. All orders with backordered products will be dispatched in full once the backordered items are ready to ship.

For retail locations, we recommend checking with your local retailer to inquire about their stock levels, as they typically order products directly from our distributors. Additionally, customers interested in verifying the factory inventory status of a service part may contact our Consumer Service Hotline at (980) 224-9044. Our representatives can provide information on a specific product's availability at our warehouse and can sell parts directly to consumers in the United States. However, please note that these representatives cannot follow up on retail locations' orders or ship warranty replacements directly to retail locations. Retailers should coordinate directly with their distributors for order inquiries.