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Why Do You Use Cast Aluminum?

Swiss Diamond Cookware and Aluminum Crafting:

Except for the HD Pro Stainless Steel line, Swiss Diamond cookware is exclusively crafted from cast aluminum, featuring a high-quality nonstick coating. The choice of aluminum offers numerous advantages, including its lightweight nature, resistance to corrosion, and exceptional thermal conductivity.

Methods of Aluminum Body Creation:

  1. Stamped or Spun Aluminum:

    • Quick and cost-effective methods involve pressing or spinning a large sheet of aluminum against a cookware-shaped form. While efficient, these methods can cause warping over time. Stamped aluminum results from forceful pressing, while spun aluminum involves stretching and shaping around a form using a spinning lathe. The metal's original flat shape can lead to warping when subjected to repeated heating and cooling.
  2. Cast Aluminum:

    • Swiss Diamond employs cast aluminum for its cookware. In this process, the metal is melted to a liquid state and then poured into molds shaped like cookware. Once cured and cooled, the metal takes on the form of the mold. Though a more expensive and time-consuming method, casting ensures a higher-quality product. Swiss Diamond guarantees that its products will never warp, even when subjected to rapid temperature changes, such as transitioning from the stove to cold running water. The cast aluminum construction also provides consistent heat distribution without hot spots, ensuring a lifetime of superior performance.