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Why Do You Use Diamonds In Your Nonstick Coating?

Swiss Diamond cookware revolutionizes kitchen experiences with its groundbreaking nonstick coating infused with real diamonds. Here's why diamonds truly become a chef’s best friend:

Diamonds' Durability:

  • Renowned as the hardest material, diamonds provide the coating with exceptional strength and durability, ensuring a long-lasting nonstick surface.

Superior Heat Conduction:

  • Four times more conductive than copper, diamonds facilitate even heat distribution across the pan's surface. This unique feature allows browning akin to stainless steel, creating a delightful "fond" for gravies or easy cleaning with warm soapy water.

Intrinsic Nonstick Properties:

  • Unlike titanium reinforcement, diamonds naturally possess nonstick properties, contributing to outstanding release capabilities. This intrinsic quality enhances the overall performance of the coating.

Invention of the Coating:

  • Originating from the labs of HORT Coating Center, a Swiss company founded in 1974, the idea for the diamond-reinforced coating emerged in response to the growing demand for premium cookware in the 1990s. After meticulous testing, the patented Swiss Diamond coating, featuring genuine diamond crystals and high-quality nonstick components, was unveiled and honored at the International Exhibition of Inventions in 1999.