Consumer Right to Know Disclosure

Swiss Diamond is committed to the health and safety of all of our extended family, that’s you, our customers. We strive to go above and beyond in not only our manufacturing process but by recycling below-standard products and returns and by reducing transportation emissions by creating as much of our product “in-house” as possible. 

In compliance with the right-to-know legislation, the following data provides information for consumers on what ingredients are used in the manufacturing or processing of our cookware. Swiss Diamond complies with all applicable legislation and regulations from the Swiss, EU, and US authorities regarding both the environment and food contact materials. Our products are being tested regularly and are approved to be food safe by the TUV laboratories. In addition, we work to reduce our overall environmental load by producing long-lasting products in an environmentally neutral manufacturing process.

We believe the use of certain PFAS is necessary for nonstick cookware for good function and durability, creating a lifelong item versus a product that will only be functional for a very short time. These substances do not migrate from the product during normal use of the cookware as they are completely bound in the coating during the manufacturing process. This is confirmed by the TUV Laboratories, which states that the use of the product is safe. Swiss Diamond is under much stricter governmental regulations (environmental, food safety, and manufacturing) in Switzerland compared to companies that manufacture anywhere else in the world. By choosing Swiss Diamond, made in Switzerland, and using an exclusively manufactured nonstick coating, you are buying a product that is produced responsibly for the environment and for the entire supply chain.


Nonstick pan bases (from XD, XD Induction, HD, HD induction, Nonstick Clad, and Hard Anodised lines) include:

  Chemical Name   Authoritative List  Link  
  Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)   CECBP - Priority Chemicals   Link
  Polytetrafluoroethylene   IARC Carcinogens - 2A; NTP 13th RoC - reasonable; Prop 65   Link
  Tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoro (propyl vinyl ether) copolymer   IARC Carcinogens - 2A; NTP 13th RoC - reasonable; Prop 65   Link
  Chromium Compounds   CA MCLs   Link
  Aluminum   CWA 303(d); CA MCLs; ATSDR Neurotoxicants   Link
  Formaldehyde   CDC 4th National Exposure Report; CA TACs; OEHHA RELs; CA NLs; IRIS Carcinogens - B1; NTP 13th RoC – known; ARC Carcinogens – 1; EC Annex VI CMRs - Cat. 1B; Prop 65   Link


Stainless steel components (from XD, XD Induction, HD, HD induction, Nonstick Clad, SD Clad, Premium Steel DLX, and Hard Anodised lines ) include:

  Chemical Name   Authoritative List  Link  
  CWA 303(d), CA TACs
  Prop 65; IARC Carcinogens - 1; CA TACs; NTP 13th ROC - known; OEHHA RELs; CWA 303(d)
  CWA 303(d)