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7" Carving Fork

Sale price$100.00

Crafted from top-tier German Steel, our Swiss Diamond Knives Carving Fork ensures effortless meat carving. The ergonomic full tang handle offers secure food placement, keeping your hands safe from sharp blades. A must-have for stability and precision in any kitchen.
7" Carving Fork angled view
7" Carving Fork Sale price$100.00


Quality Matters

Embark on a culinary journey with our accessories line, enhancing your kitchen experience. Our turner spatula, designed for seamless food handling, and the precision serrated bread knife ensure effortless slicing. The sturdy glass lid, with a stainless steel lip, prevents boil-overs, allowing easy monitoring. Elevate your skills with Swiss Diamond Accessories, where each tool brings superior performance and convenience. Whether flipping, slicing, or simmering, our collection has the perfect tool for every culinary endeavor. Transform your cooking routine with Swiss Diamond.

A Word

From Our Chef

I train most mornings, really early, as soon as I get home I grab my smallest Swiss Diamond saucepan to cook my breakfast. Which is a mix of Oats, quinoa, cereal seeds, etc...I love how quickly the heat is evenly distributed across the saucepan and cooks my brekkie evenly & quickly. Most people would use a microwave but I don't have one.

factory worker handling a fry pan being washed and coated
assembly line of uncoated fry pans
a factory worker handling a mold of an unfinished fry pan on conveyer belt

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Swiss Diamond

At our core, we are a private company driven by a deep commitment to sustainability and quality. Our focus is on producing eco-friendly cookware of the highest standard, blending traditional European craftsmanship with modern innovation. Through our dedication, we aspire to create a positive impact on the culinary landscape, advocating for healthier cooking practices worldwide. With a strong emphasis on both environmental responsibility and culinary excellence, we strive to be a reliable partner for individuals who value both the planet and the art of cooking.

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